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  against his own land, provided he damnifies none of his neighbors by overflowing their lands.   And Thomas Washburn, by deed 1697, gave Perkins the right of joining the dam to his land.
1694.— Captain Thomas Hayward, Lieutenant John Haward, Deacon Brett, Thomas Snell, and Samuel Allen, to order the seats to each person in the meeting-house; and Ensign Packard, Sergeant Josiah Edson, Sergeant Samuel Washburn, Sergeant Edward Mitchell, and Sergeant Nicholas Byram to seat the above committee.
    " Edward Mitchell and Jonathan Haward to inspect and take notice of any disorder among the young persons in the galleries on the Lord's day, and declare them by name after the exercise is done.
1694.— Thomas Snell, according to former agreement, bought a new book to record the purchasers' lands in, and they gave him for it eighteen acres of land.
1696.— Thomas Randall, William Manley, and their neighbors allowed to come here to meeting, and to make a horse bridge over Cutting Cove River.
1697.— The town agreed that for the time to come at every town meeting they would choose a moderator for said meeting.
1699.— The town agreed to choose town officers annually on the first Monday in March, beginning at 10 o'clock, and also to divide the town for constables into two parts.   All on the south side of the town river, and from Lieutenant Haward's on the west side of the highway going to Braintree, to one constable.   And from Lieutenant Haward's all on the east side of the highway going to Braintree, on the north side of the town river, to the other constable.
1703.— Voted to divide the town into three constablericks, as follows, viz:—All on the easterly side of Matfield and Satucket rivers to be one constablerick; and the other two to be divided by the town river.
1708.— The town passed a clear vote to petition the General Court for the continuance of the country road where


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