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1668.— A way towards Plymouth, viz:—from the meeting-house to Arthur Harris' range, to the common—through the swamp to Sandy Hill—up the hill and over to John Hayward, Jr.'s range—and across his lot to Daniel Bacon's house—and in the old way to widow Bassett's lot to the wolf-trap—over the same lot to Thomas Hayward, Jr.'s lot, and across to Goodman John Tompkin's lot—and so to a piece of land left for a road betwixt him and Thomas Snell—over a corner of Snell's lot, near the river to the bridge—through Nicholas Byram's land to his house—over a little river and over the plain to a narrow place in the swamp, and so to Arthur Harris' fifty acre lot, and on the hard ground to his son Samuel Harris' house—and in a straight line to a bridge on Satucket River, as the rocks will permit—and straight to the highway near Robert Latham's barn—then to the usual road to Plymouth, as far as the bounds of our town extends—only in the way we fetch a little compass to avoid a steep hill, a little way from Latham's lot.
1668.— 2d.—A way towards Boston, viz:—from the meeting-house on the same road above mentioned, to John Hayward's range—then to the usual road reaching into the bay as far as our bounds extend.
    " 3d.—A way to Taunton, viz:—from the meeting-house to John Haward's—then over the river and between the lots that were Mr. Love Brewster's and John Fobes'—and so into the usual way that leads to Taunton.
    " 4th.—A way to the great meadows, viz:—to come from out of Taunton way at the head of Edward Fobes' six acre lot—so to the head of Samuel Edson's six acre lots to William Snow's—then between said Edson's and Snow's land to the common—then to the river.

   These four were laid out by a jury in 1667 and 1668.
1673.— Thomas Snell was to make and maintain two horse bridges, one at the hither end of Salisbury plain, over the brook, and another at the further end over the river.


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