—a. before a date, stands for about—b. for born—d. for death or died—m. for married—s. for son—ss. for sons—w. for wife—gra. for graduate or graduated—B. U. for Brown University—D. for daughter—Ds. for daughters—H. U. for Harvard University—*added to a name or date of a birth, signifies that the person died in youth or without issue—W. B. for West Bridgewater—S. P. for South Parish of Bridgewater, now Bridgewater—E. B. for East Bridgewater—N. B. for North Bridgewater—Tit. for Titicut. Other abbreviations will occur, which being usual and common, deed no explanation.

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Alden Family]

   ALDEN.—Hon. John Alden arrived with the Pilgrims at Plymouth in the May Flower, 1620; was about 21 years old, and was one of the Governor's Assistants many years, and otherwise much employed and greatly distinguished in the infant colony; he removed early to Duxbury, and was one of the original proprietors of Bridgewater, as we have already seen; he d. at Duxbury Sept. 12, 1687, æ. 88, of course was born 1599; he m. Priscilla, D. of Wm. Mullens, 1623, and had John, Joseph, David, Jonathan, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ruth, and Mary.—John was a captain, a mariner and master of a vessel, removed to Boston, m. Elizabeth, widow of Abiel Ewrill, and D. of Maj. Wm. Phillips, 1660, and had John 1663, William 1669, Nathaniel 1670, Zechariah 1673, gra. H. U. 1692, Nathan 1677, and Henry [Not Henry - see MD 43:21-22], and also several Ds.; he d. 1702, she 1719; his will dated 1701.   He was accused of witchcraft.—David and Jonathan remained at Duxbury, and had families there.—Elizabeth m. Wm. Paybody.—Sarah m. Alexander Standish.—Ruth m. John Bass, 1657.—Mary m. Thomas Delano.

   2.   Joseph (2d son of Hon. John 1.) had his father's proprietary share in Bridgewater, and was an early settler here; he m. Mary, D. of Moses Simmons, sometimes written Symonson; and had Isaac, Joseph, John, and probably Elizabeth, who m. Benjamin Snow, 1691, and Mary who m. Samuel Allen, 1700; he d. 1697 æ. a. 73.

   3.   Isaac (s. of Joseph 2.) settled in E. B., and m. Mehitabel, D. of Samuel Allen, 1685, and had Mehitabel 1687, Sarah 1688, Mary 1691, Isaac 1692, Ebenezer 1693, Mercy 1696, Abigail 1699, Jemima 1702, and John.—Mehitabel m. Benjamin Richards, 1711.—Sarah m. Seth Brett, 1712, and afterwards Dea. Recompence Cary, 1727.—Mary m. John Webb, of Braintree,


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