86 ALDEN.  

[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Alden Family]

1778, and Susanna m. Jacob Allen 1784, and both went to Plainfield.

   14.   Isaac (s. of John 7.) m. Martha, D. of Solomon Packard, 1755, and had Nabby 1757, Isaac 1758; he d., and the wid. m. Israel Bailey, 1760.—Nabby m. Joseph Whiting 1778.

   15.   Jonathan (s. of John 7.) m. Experience, D. of Cornelius Washburn, 1766, and had Mehitabel 1767, Isaac, John, Ezra, Daniel; she d. 1775, and he m. Hannah, wid. of Thomas White, 1777, her maiden name Green, and had Cyrus, Samuel Green, Jonathan and Polly; she, the mother, d. 1811, æ. 63; she m. White 1772; Jonathan, the father, d. 1825, æ. 93.—Mehitabel m. Henry Jackson 1786, and went to Minot.—Isaac m. Ruth, D. of Josiah Byram, 1794, and had Joanna, w. of Wm. Bird, m. 1818, Nabby and Lewis; he d. 1832, æ. 60, and his wid. m. Alpheus Fobes.—John m. Deborah, D. of Benjamin Robinson, 1798, and had Benjamin, Mary, Alvina, Charles, and went to Minot.—Ezra m. Nabby, D. of Wm. Vinton, 1798, and had Edward V., who d. young at the south, and William V., who lives in Boston.—Capt. Cyrus m. Nabby K., daughter of Capt. Daniel Kinsley, 1808, and had Mary K. 1809, Hannah G. 1811, and Nabby Vinton 1813, and then went to Minot.—Samuel G. m. Rhoda, D. of Benjamin Richards, 1804, and had Benjamin, Samuel G., and Bartlett R., and d. 1814, æ. 36, was killed by the bursting of a cannon at Eastport in the last war.—Daniel and Jonathan went to the westward.—Polly m. Abel Barrell 1810.

   16.   Eleazar (s. of Eleazar 9.) m. Sarah, D. of Nicholas Whitman, 1748, and had Martha, 1752, Mary 1754, Abigail 1756, Sarah 1759, Hannah 1762, Eleazar 1767; the father d. 1803, æ. 80, the mother 1819, æ. 93.—Martha m. Silvanus Blossom 1774, and d. 1802.—Mary d. single.—Abigail m. Wm. Snell 1774.—Sarah d. 1778.—Hannah m. Levi Latham 1782.—Eleazar m. Deborah, sister of Eleazar Churchill 1794, and had Lewis, Isaac, and Deborah, she d. 1804, and he m. Abigail Pierce, of Mid'o, 1819, and had Maria S. 1822, Hannah a. 1824.   Isaac m. Minerva Waterman 1821.

   17.   Lt. Joshua (s. of Eleazar 6. [Eleazer 9 (423)]) m. Mary, Widow of Seth Alden, Jr., and D. of Eleazar Carver 1781; had no children; d. 1809, æ. 80, she 1811, æ. 63; he gave legacies to the church, parish, and singing choir, in S. B.

   18.   Samuel (s. of Samuel 10.) m. a Williams, and lived in a corner of Abington included in the north parish of Bridgewater; had Daniel, Silas, Joseph, Samuel, Williams, Seth, Hosea, and Hannah w. of James Cary, m. 1798; d. 1816, æ. 81.—Daniel m. Sarah, D. of Jon'a. Cary, 1786, and had Otis, Daniel, Alpheus, and Sally, who m. Jon'a. Burr, of Worthington.   Otis m. an Adams, Daniel m. Eunice, D. of Perez Southworth, 1815; he and Alpheus went to Randolph.—Silas and Joseph went to


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