[Thanks to Lisa Whiting for transcribing the Alden Family]

Henry 1817.—Sarah m. James P. Tolman, of St., 1818.—Rev. Lucius was gra. B.U. 1821, and is settled in E. Abington.

   25.   Isaac (s. of Ezra 13.) m. Mary, D. of Thomas Russell, 1781, and had Ezra, Thomas Russell, both baptized 1800, James Sullivan 1804, one other*, and the mother d. 1814, æ. 47; he m. Betsy, wid. of Benjamin Palmer, and D. of Daniel Willis, 1814, and had several children, and d. 1827, æ. 64.—Ezra m. Susan Dyer 1813, and went to Abington.—Thomas R. m. Jane, D. of Matthew Allen, 1813, and afterwards Dorothy, D. of Stephen Hearsey, and d. 1835, æ. 45.—James S. went to Weymouth.

   26.   Solomon (son of David, and grandson of John 5.) m. Sarah Hall 1755, and had Sarah 1756, Solomon 1757, Noah, Alexander, Amasa, and three other Ds.—Solomon m. Patty King 1786, and had two ss., Solomon (a bachelor) and Lewis.—Noah m. Elizabeth Miller, of M., 1793, and had 2 ss., Noah and Hiram, and went to Illinois.—Alexander m. Lucy Leonard 1792, and went to Me.—Amasa m. Sally Hathaway, of M., 1799, and had 2 Ds.—Of the 4 Ds., one m. Elijah Alden; one Sarah, m. Azel Shaw; one, Hannah, m. Seth Miller, Esq., 1796; and one m. Eliphalet White.—Noah Alden m. Vodicia Hayford 1804.—Elizabeth m. Soranus Shaw 1816.

   27.   Caleb (s. of Oliver 21.) m. Sally, D. of Benjamin Hayward, 1790, and had Oliver, Cromwell, Susan, Sally, Mehitabel, and Mary.—Oliver m. Melinda, D. of Edward Mitchell.—Cromwell m. Mary, D. of Joseph Hall.—Susan m. Samuel Sanger.—Sally m. Sidney Howard.—Mehitabel m. in Lancaster where she lives.

   Ebenezer Alden of M., m. Ruth Fobes 1763.—Anthony Alden joined the church in W. B. 1742.—Ruth m. Daniel Faunce, of P., 1777.—Rosanda, of M., m. Joseph Fobes, 2d, 1781.—Silence of M., m. Zephaniah Hathaway, of T., 1792.—Andrew, of M., m. Silence (or Selina) Fobes 1797.—Caleb, of M., m. Susanna Dunbar 1787.—Lucy of M., m. Eleazar Cary 1794.—Daniel m. Deborah Fullerton, of A., 1798.—Caleb 2d, m. Polly Alden 1814.—Daniel m. Olive Tucker 1819.—Sally m. Jonathan Burr, of Worthington, 1820.

   ALDRIDGE. or ALDRICH.—1. George and Catharine Aldrich, of Braintree, had John 1644, Sarah 1645, Peter 1648, Mercy 1650, Jacob 1652, Mattathias 1656.

   2.   Henry and Mary Aldridge, at Dedham, had Mary 1643, Samuel 1644.   Henry, the father, d. 1645.

   3.   Josiah and his wife Mary settled in Bridgewater, and had William 1719, Henry 1721, Josiah 1723.

   4.   John m. Sarah, D. of Giles Leach, and settled in S. B., and had a D. Sarah, who m. Benjamin Hayward a. 1700.

   5.   John m. Elizabeth Cooper 1722, and had Timothy 1723.


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