[Thanks to Michael Hervey for transcribing the Alger family]

Easton; m. Rachel, D. of George Howard, 1785, and had George, Israel, Barnard, Roland, Rachel, and several other Ds.—George m. Sally Lothrop 1814.—Israel gra. B. U. 1811, and settled in the ministry.—Barnard m. Betsey Lathrop 1810.

   17.   Dea. Nathan (s. of Daniel 8.) m. Ruth, D. of Edmund Alger, 1792, and had Martin 1793, Abigail 1795, Nathan 1798, Lyman 1800, Benjamin 1803, Edmund 1806*, Emily 1809*.—The mother d. 1826, æ. 55.—Abigail m. Albe Howard 1814.

   18.   Joseph (s. of Joseph 9.) m. Olive, D. of Joseph Ames, 1785, and had Tiley 1786, Ansel 1788, Lucinda 1790, Joseph 1792, Olive 1795, Betsy 1798, Henriette 1801, Mary 1803, Caroline 1807, Jane 1810, Elijah Ames 1813.

   19.   Ebenezer (s. of Joseph 9.) m. Polly Capen, of Sharon, 1792, and had Otis 1793, Polly 1795, Lucy 1797, Ebenezer 1799, Nancy 1801, Eliza 1803, Sanford 1805, William 1808.—Polly m. Waldo Hayward, Jr., 1816, and d. 1817.—Otis m. Susanna Perkins 1817.—Nancy m. Waldo Hayward, Jr., 1818.

   20.   Nathan (s. of Edmund 11.) m. Rachel Smith 1809, and had Rhoda 1811, Edmund 1813, Bathsheba 1815.

   21.   Willis (s. of Edmund 11.) m. Susanna Capen, of Sharon, 1795, and had Anna C. 1797, Leonard 1799, Stillman 1801, Isaac 1802, Ward 1805, Davis 1807, Susan 1809, Semantha 1814.—Anna C. m. Nathan Hewins 1818.—Leonard m. Hannah R. Lathrop 1821.

   22.   James (s. of Thomas 12.) m. Mehitabel Briggs, of Norton, and had Daniel, James, and several Ds., one, Olive, m. Daniel Tyler, of Pittsfield, 1811.—Daniel m. Salome, D. of Joseph Keith, 1806, and had Emily Williams 1807, Daniel Francis 1810, James Newton 1812, Joseph Allen 1815, Eliza Sherman 1816, Merton, and George.   [James Alger (s. of Thomas 12.) m. Olive, D. of Joseph Snell, 1781, and not Mehitabel Briggs of Norton: this last was copied by mistake from Thomas 12, page 92 [90]. (8)]

   The name of Alger has been variously written; sometimes Aulgar, Augur, Augre, Auger, Agur, Ager, Eager, and Agar, and were, perhaps, originally the same name.   And although the family in Bridgewater have generally written it Alger, yet it was formerly invariably pronounced Auger.   In Willis’ History of Portland we find the names of Arthur and Andrew Alger, of Scarborough, in 1650; the latter is found on the court records as early as 1640.   Both of these were killed in Philip’s war 1675.   It is remarkable that they were written often in the same variable manner, Alger and Auger.   There was also a Sampson Alger, written Augur, in Old York, made freeman at Kittery 1652.   These three last have been mistaken by Farmer in his Register, for Angier, and so was Thomas, ancestor of the Bridgewater family, on the Old Colony records as copied by Nichols, in consequence of being there written Auger, the u as as [sic] generally written not being easily distinguishable from an n.


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