BACON.—Daniel Bacon, made free 1647, was an early settler in W. B., owned a purchase right, and the farm where Timothy Reed, Esq., lately lived; all which he sold to his nephew Michael Bacon, Jr., of Billerica, who sold it to John Kingman, of Weymouth, 1685, and Kingman and his descendants have ever since occupied it.   It came into the possession of Reed by his marriage with Hannah, the only child of the late Caleb Kingman, deceased, the last of the name who owned it.—Daniel Bacon was one of the jury for laying out highways in 1664, and is mentioned again in 1668, but the family early left the town.

   BAILEY or BAYLEY.—Guido Bayley was among the first settlers of the town; took the oath of fidelity here in 1657; purchased John Irish's proprietary right or share 1659, and was called of Bridgewater; he first lived in W. B. "near Goodman Lathrop's and the flaggy meadow," but afterwards appeared in S. B. near where the late Zechariah Whitman afterwards lived; he sold his place there to his nephew, Manasseh Marston of Salem in 1696; the selectmen consenting to it, to whom he from age and infirmity had previously applied for assistance; Marston to maintain him and his D. Mary; he had in 1687 conveyed his whole estate "excepting what he had before given to the rest of his children" to his son Guido, who died immediately after, and it came again to the father.   He d. a. 1700; his wife's name was Ruth; he had Guido, Mary, Ruth, and Elizabeth.—Guido d. a. 1690, and Ebenezer Hill settled his estate.—Mary first m. a Randall, and then Isaac Leonard, perhaps 1701; she conveyed twenty acres of land to her cousin Marston 1697; who was to take care of her, and he conveyed it to Leonard 1702.—Ruth m. Ebenezer Hill 1684.—Elizabeth m. James Harris 1693, her father gave her his estate and farm in W. B. by Lathrop's.—In 1703 the town directed the selectmen "to take care of the wid. Bayley and keep her in posession of her just right in her late husband's estate, as far as may be."   This family is extinct here.

   2.   Adams Bailey b. 1722 (s. of Joseph who was s. of John of Scituate) m. Sarah, D. of Jonathan Howard of W. B. 1746 and settled there; and had Seth 1747, Adams 1748, Joseph 1749, (all b. at Scituate), Sarah 1752, Charity 1754, Jonathan 1756, Caleb 1759, Ebenezer 1760, Charlotte 1763, Daniel 1765, Caleb 1768, Paul 1770, (the 9 last b. at Bridgewater).—Sarah m. Isaac Lathrop 1775.—Paul m. Betsey, D. of Jeremiah Thayer 1798 and went to Sidney, Me.

   3.   Seth (s. of Adams 2) m. Deborah, D. of Capt. [delete Capt. (423)] Jacob Packard 1770, and had Sally 1770, Deborah 1772, Jacob 1775.

   4.   Capt. [delete Capt. (423)] Adams (s. of Adams 2) m. Catharine Little 1775; he was an officer in the revolutionary war and lived and died at Charlestown, where he was master or superintendent of the U.


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