108 BARRELL.  

   BARRELL.—William Barrell (s. of William of Boston, who d. in 1639 in early life) settled in Scituate and m. Lydia, wid. John James, 1680, and had William 1683, Lydia 1684, who m. Sam'l Stockbridge 1703, Mary 1686, James 1687.

   2.   William (s. of William 1) m. Elizabeth, D. of John Bailey, 1706; lived in Scituate, and had Hannah 1706, Lydia 1709, who m. Joseph Young 1726, William 1714: his w. d. and he m. a 2d w. and had James 1727, Colburn, John, and Elisha 1735: the family were remarkable for longevity.—James d. April 17, 1827, having lived nearly to the age of 100, and left James, William, Noah, and Bartlett.—Colburn was a soldier in the American, and also the old French war, and a man of extraordinary strength and activity, and d. a. 1782.—Elisha completed his 94th year and d. 1829.

   3.   William (s. of William 2, and cousin of Capt. Israel Bailey) m. a Simmons and had a son Joshua in Scituate and then his w. dying, he came and settled in E. B. and m. Sarah, an only child of Dea. James Cary, 1751, and succeeded in her right to her father's estate, and had James 1753*, Sarah 1754, Lydia 1757, Hannah 1759, Ruth 1762, Content 1764, James 1766.—Sarah m. Nathan Alden, Esq., 1776.—Lydia m. Dea. Eliphalet Packard 1782.—Hannah d. single 1784, æ. 24.—Ruth m. Capt. Robert Packard 1782.—Content d. single 1823, æ. 57.—William, the father d. 1806, æ. 91, his wid. Sarah d. the same year æ. 84.

   4.   John (s. of William 2) came also to E. B., and m. Judith D. of Isaac Snow, 1756, and had Molly 1757*, John 1760, Judith 1763: he d. 1762, and the family afterward removed westward.

   5.   Joshua (s. of William 3) m. Olive, D. of Capt. Jonathan Bass, 1769, and had Susanna 1771, Jennet 1774, William 1776, Jona. Bass 1779*, Samuel 1781, Elijah 1784, Azor 1786, Charles 1789, Paschal 1796.—Susanna m. Oakes Whitman 1790.—Jennet m. John Loring, Esq., 1794.—William m. Huldah, D. of John Bisbee, 1801, and parents and children all removed to Turner, Me.

   6.   Maj. James (s. of William 3) m. Betsy, D. of Thomas Russell, 1785, and had James Cary*, Ruth, Hannah, Abigail, all baptized 1800, George Whitfield 1801.—Maj. Barrell d. 1810 æ. 43; his w. still survives.—Ruth m. Dr. Caleb Swan of E. 1816.—Hannah m. Dr. Daniel Sawin 1810.—Abigail m. Hon. Jared Whitman of Abington 1813: these Ds. all d. in early life.   George W. m. a D. of Dr. Samuel Guild, Esq., of Easton.

   7.   James (s. of James and grandson of William 2) lived in Scituate and had James, Abel, Thomas, Elias and Colburn, most of whom came to E. B.—James keeps the poor house there.— Abel m. Polly, D. of Jonathan Alden, 1810.—Thomas m. Huldah, D. of Matthew Allen, 1815.—Elias m. Deborah Tilden 1813,


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