George and John, brothers of the first William Barrell of Boston, lived in Boston: George d. there 1643, leaving John and James and perhaps other children.—John's will is on record there dated 1658.

   BARRETT.—James Barrett and his w. Mary lived in E. B., and had Martha 1725, Solomon 1727, Stephen 1730, Mary 1732, John and Joseph 1734, Sarah 1736, James 1738 [add Robert 1740 b. at N. B. (423)].—This family soon removed from the town.

   BARTLETT.—Wright Bartlett, from Hingham probably, m. Bethiah, D. of Samuel Packard, 1731, and settled in W. B., and had Samuel, Relief, Lydia, Phillis, and perhaps others.—Relief m. Ebenezer Hooper 1761.—Lydia m. Ebenezer Hinds 1751.—Phillis m. Edward Powers 1753.—John Bartlett and his wife and Catharine Williams were warned out of town 1739, and Wright Bartlett was "forewarned not to entertain them any longer."

   2.   Samuel (s. of Wright 1) m. Susanna, D. of David Dunbar 1757, and had Susanna 1758, Sarah 1760, Lucy 1762, Job Packard 1764*, Samuel 1766, Hannah 1769, Rachel 1772, Keziah 1755, David 1778.—Susanna m. David Gurney 1792.—Sarah m. Isaiah Hayward 1777.—Lucy m. Waldo Hayward 1781.—Samuel m. Lucy Jenkins 1785 and went to Croydon, N. H.—Hannah m. Simeon Howard 1794.—Rachel m. Barnabas Lathrop.—Keziah m. Abiel Howard 1798.

   3.   David (s. of Samuel 2) m. Polly, D. of George Howard, and had Charlotte 1797*, Job 1799, Polly 1801, Jane 1804, Susanna 1807, David 1811: his w. d. and he m. Susan Fish 1814, and had Charlotte and Julia.

   4.   Richard Bartlett, an Englishman, lived in Boston and had a s. Richard, and a D. who m. Rev. Mr. Hinds of Middleboro'.

   5.   Richard (s. of the above) m. Mary, D. of Gain Robinson of E. B. and had Lydia 1757, Mary 1759, Margaret 1761, Gain*, Martha, Richard, Elizabeth, Robert, Edward, Jane, William.—Lydia m. Capt. John Savage.—Mary m. Benjamin Richards 1782.—Margaret m. James Taylor.—Martha m. a McNeal.—Elizabeth m. Andrew Mushero.—Jane m. Shadrach Holly.—Richard, the father, was a soldier at Annapolis Royal with Gen. John Winslow in 1735 in seizing and dispersing the neutral French; and all of the family except Mrs. Richards and Robert resided in Nova Scotia, and most of them were born there.—Robert is a mariner and shipmaster at N. York.

   Richard Bartlett m. Rebecca Holmes 1763.—Edward m. Zilphah, D. of Ephraim Cole, 1772.—Solomon m. Huldah Washburn 1781.—Elizabeth m. Seth Ames 1798.—Hannah Thomas Bartlett m. John Cumner of Wayne 1813.—Sarah D. of Andrew of Plymo. m. David P. Reynolds 1818.—Lewis Bartlett's w. d. in E. B. 1823, æ. 31.


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