[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Bassett family]

   BASSETT.—William Bassett, one of the forefathers, came over in the ship Fortune 1621, and settled first in Plymouth, then in Duxbury, and finally in W. B.; was an original proprietor of the town, and d. 1667; was a large land holder in the colony, and left a large library: his w., Elizabeth, was probably a Tilden.—He had William, Nathaniel, Joseph, Sarah, Elizabeth, Jane and perhaps others.—William settled in Sandwich and his s. William had his grandfather's house and land in B by the will, which was nuncupative, and dated 1667: this grandson was Marshal, and otherwise distinguished in the Colony.—Nathaniel settled in Marshfield and afterwards in 1684 appeared at Yarmouth.—Sarah m. Peregrine White.—Elizabeth m. William Hatch.—Jane m. Thomas Gilbert of T. 1639.

   2.   Joseph (s. of William 1) settled in W. B. with his father and m. Martha, D. of Edmund Hobart of Hingham, 1677: he d. 1712.—He had Joseph, William, Elnathan, Jeremiah, Lydia w. of Daniel Whittemore, Ruth w. of John Whittemore, m. 1692, both of Charlestown, and Elizabeth w. of Wm. Fenton.—Jeremiah had the homestead, near Isaac Johnson's, and sold it to Johnson 1713, and went to Norton.

   3.   Joseph (s. of Joseph 2) and his w. Bethiah had Bethiah 1693, Mehitabel 1697, Lydia 1703: he d. 1736.—Lydia m. Saml. Philips of Norton 1726.—Mehitabel m. a Hollaway of M.—Bethiah, Executrix, m. William Coddington of Norton a. 1737.

   4.   William (s. of Joseph 2) and Sarah his wife had William 1694, Joseph 1696, Ruth 1700, Nathan 1702: the mother d. 1703, and the father m. Mary Bump 1703, and had Sarah 1704, Elizabeth 1706, Thankful 1710, Benjamin 1712, Seth 1715.—William m. Mary Mehurin 1719.—Ruth m. Joseph Davis and d. 1730.

   5.   Elnathan (s. of Joseph 2) m. Mary Hill 1702, and d. 1750, leaving Mary, who m. Samuel Beal 1725.

   6.   Joseph (s. of Willliam 4) m. Elizabeth, D. of John Ames, 1724, (m. in Boston), and had Dorothy 1726, Joseph 1731, Sarah 1734: he d. 1741, and the mother, who undertook to settle the estate, d. in 1744.—Dorothy m. David Packard 1767.—Sarah m. Christopher Dyer 1757.

   7.   Nathan (s. of William 4) m. Hannah Washburn 1733, and had John 1734, Nathan 1737, Ruth 1740, David 1743, Hannah 1745, Joseph 1747, Jonathan 1750.—Jonathan went to Killingsly, Conn.

   8.   Benjamin (s. of William 4) m. Hannah Macomber, 1737, and had Daniel 1740, Benjamin 1742, Joshua 1745, Hannah, Zilphah, Phebe 1753.

   9.   Seth (s. of William 4) and his wife Mary had Sarah and Mary 1738, and went to N. H.

   10.   Joseph (s. of Joseph 6) m. Phebe Cushman 1756, and had


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