[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Bassett family]

Caleb 1757, Phebe, Nathan 1763, Abigail, Joseph 1769, Hannah 1771, David and Cushman.—His w. d. 1796, æ. 59, and he m. Sarah, wid. of John Eaton, of Greenwich, former wid. of Josiah Fobes, Jr. and D. of Joseph Prior, 1798: she d. 1839, æ. 100,—His will dated 1798, proved 1803.—Phebe. m. Barna. Leonard 1780.—Nathan went to Genesee.—Abigail (or Abial) m. Seth Lathrop, Jr., 1783.—Hannah m. Dea. James Alger 1791.—David m. Phebe Dean of R. 1796.—Cushman was a preacher, and he and David went to Maine.

   11.   Joseph, Esq. (s. of Nathan 7) m. Hannah, D. of Josiah Lathrop 1776, and had William, Nathan, Jonathan, Josiah, Paschal, Joseph, George, Sarah and Hannah.—Nathan m. a Daniels or a Snow.—Jonathan m. Sarah, D. of David Leonard, 1813, and afterwards a D. of John Fobes.—Josiah m. Lucretia, D. of Bradford Mitchell, 1810.—Paschal m. Mary, D. of Winslow Hooper, 1811, and had Mary Winslow 1812, and Sarah Church 1814.—Joseph m. Hannah Williams 1816.—George m. Hannah, D. of Maj. Theodore Mitchell 1819.—Sarah m. Hampden Keith 1799.—Hannah m. Ezra Fobes, Jr., 1810.

   12.   Caleb (s. of Joseph 10) m. Bethiah, D. of Benjamin Keith, 1782, then called of New Gloucester, and had Cyrus, Caleb Keith, Lewis*, Abigail, Bethiah, Eunice and Sophronia: he removed to M.—Cyrus m. Cynthia Randall 1808, and Cyrus m. Urania Billings 1814.—Caleb m. Mary Holmes 1811.—Abigail m. Shepard Dunbar 1806.—Bethia m. a Kennedy.

   13.   Joseph (s. of Joseph 10) m. Ruth, D. of James Leach, 1792, and had Charles 1792, Mary 1795, Cushman 1799, Davis 1802*, Eliza Maria 1805, Emeline 1808, Jane 1810, Phebe Leonard 1813.—Charles m. Laura, D. of Jason Fobes 1816.—Mary m. Hartwell Keith 1816.—Cushman m. a Newman and lives in Boston.—Jane m. a Daniels.

   14.   William (s. of Joseph Esq. 11) m. Abiah Williams 1800, and had William Church 1803, Williams 1806, Hannah 1809, Abial 1811, Henriette 1813, Harriet 1815, Josiah 1818, Cornenia Abier 1820.

   Wid. Abigail Bassett m. Benjamin Leach 1763.—Lydia Bassett of Norton m. Dea. David Edson 1786.—Sally Bassett m. Abijah Thayer, Jr., 1802.

   BATES.—Joshua Bates (from Hanover) m. Bethiah, D. of Joseph Ames, 1796, and settled in S. B., and had Joshua C. 1797, Zephaniah 1803, George W. 1805, Samuel W. 1808, Bethiah W, 1813: he d. 1839, æ. 72.—Saml. W. m. Helen, D. of Z. Crooker.

   2.   Christopher Bates lived in E. B. and had Christopher, Moses, Nahum, Daniel [Jacob, Polly w. of Libeus Smith, and Anna, w. of Captain Seth Gurney. (423)] and others.


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