114 BEAL.  

[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Beal family]

   5.   Jonathan (s. of Saml. 1) m. Abigail Harlow 1751, and had Joseph 1752, Azariah 1753, Abigail 1755, Jonathan 1758, Hannah 1760*, Hannah 1762, Molly 1770; his w. d. 1779, æ. 50, and he m. Abigail, wid. of John Egerton and D. of James Snow, 1780; he d. 1813, æ. 83; she 1810, æ. 83.—Joseph went to Abington.—Abigail m. Josiah Hill 1779.—Hannah m. Noah Hill 1780.—Molly m. Bela Reed 1793.   [Joseph Beal 1752, finally removed to Plainfield, where he was Deacon, and the subject of the "Mountain Miller"; and Azariah was son of Jonathan 5, and not (of Samuel 1.). (8)]

   6.   Benjamin (s. of Saml. 1) and his w. Sarah had Isaac 1753, Levi 1755.

   7.   Azariah (s. of Saml. 1 [Jonathan 5 (8)]) m. Bathsheba Bisbee 1776, and had Danl. 1779, Ezra 1781.—Most of the above families removed to Cummington and Plainfield.

   8.   Jeremiah Beal (s. of Isaac of Weymouth) settled in N. B. 1760, and m. Mary, D. of Dependence French, 1768, and had Sarah 1768, Hannah 1771, Rachel 1774, Olive 1778, Mary 1782, Jeremiah 1786.—Sarah m. Asa Ford 1793.—Hannah m. Oliver Snell 1792.—Rachel m. Capt. Asa Jones 1792.—Olive m. Joseph Brett 1797.—Mary m. Elijah Smith 1803.—Capt. Jeremiah m. Sibil, D.of Timothy Ames, 1807, and had Rachel 1808, Seba Ames 1812.

   9.   Japhet Beal lived in N. B., m. Patience Keith 1770, and had Susanna 1771, Isaac 1774, Oliver 1776, Japhet 1781, Patience 1784.—Susanna m. Elijah Packard 1789.—Isaac m. Elizabeth Stevens 1797 and went to Me.—Japhet, the father, m. wid. Content Packard probably for a 2d w. 1803 and went to Minot.—Japhet, the son, m. Mehitable, D. of Gideon Lincoln, 1803, and went to Augusta.

   10.   Jonathan Beal m. Polly, D. of Moses Cary, 1807, and had Bethiah Lewis 1808, Mary Cary 1819, Elizabeth 1813, Jonathan 1817.

   Andrew Beal had a D. Lydia bapd. in E. B. 1782; he had lived in Newton and had two ch. b. there.—Hannah m. Ezekiel Reed 1742.—Saml. from Hanson, and his w. Olive, had a D. Olive 1797.—Seth m. Thirza Hatch 1799.—Elijah of Hingham m. Betsy, D. of Wm. Pincin, 1804.—Levi of Hingham m. Ruth Whiting 1810.—Betsy of H. m. Allen Marshall Porter 1816.—Martin of Hingham m. Mehitabel Pincin 1816.—Lazarus of Weymouth m. Sarah, wid. of Daniel Alden, and D. of Dea. Jona. Carey' 1809.—Asaph had Phebe Howard 1818.

   All of the name of Beal in this vicinity descended no doubt from John Beal, who with his w. and 5 ss. and 3 Ds. and 2 servants, came from Hingham in Eng. and settled here in Hingham 1638.   They came in the ship Diligent of Ipswich, John Martin, master, in which were 133 passengers.   The 5ss. were probably John, Jeremiah, Caleb, Nathaniel and Joshua.—John's children were Rebecca 1641, Jacob 1642, Martha 1646, Nathaniel 1648,


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