[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Beal family]

John 1650, Mary 1657, who first m. a Stowell and then Nathaniel Hobart; his wife died 1658 and he m. wid. Jacobs 1659.—John Beal was Rep. from Hingham 1649.—Lt. Jeremiah m. Sarah Ripley 1654 and d. 1716, æ. 86; he had Jeremiah 1655, Elizabeth 1659*, Mary 1661*, Lazarus 1661, Mary 1662, Sarah 1662, Phebe 1664.—Caleb died at Hingham 1716, æ. 80, born in England.—Nathaniel had John who (was burnt and) d. 1655, Sarah and John 1659.—Joshua had a D. 1661, and another, Elizabeth 1663*.—Jacob and Joshua d. 1716.

[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Bearce family]

   BEARCE.—Austin Bearce was admitted freeman 1652, and on the grand jury 1653; he had Mary 1640, Priscilla 1643, Sarah 1646, Abigail 1647, Hannah 1649, Joseph 1651, Hester 1653, Lydia 1655, Rebeckah 1657, James 1660; all b. at Barnstable.—Austin Bearce was at Halifax, probably a descendant of the above, and went to Cornwall.—Andrew Bearce of Halifax m. Margaret Dawes of E. B. 1736.—Consider Bearce of Halifax m. Elizabeth Perkins of E. B. 1761.—Margaret, D. of Andrew above, m. Arthur Latham of E. B.—Experience Bearce m. Zadok Hayward 1768.—Ford, Jacob, Isaiah, Job and Thomas, were brothers.—Ford was a schoolmaster and d. young in S. B. of small pox 1778.—Jacob settled in Hanson, and Dea. Jacob is his son.—Isaiah and Thomas d. young.—There were also two Ds. Lydia and Hannah.

   2.   Job Bearce (above) m. Sarah, D. of Lt. James Keith, 1780, and settled in E. B., and had Dexter 1781, Sally 1784, Hannah 1789*, Lydia 1791, Ford 1794 Charles 1796*, Susanna Keith 1798; he d. 1828, æ. 79; she 1838, æ. 84.—Dexter moved to New Gloucester and m. a Chandler.—Sally m. Martin Keith 1809, and afterwards Edward Hayward of W. B.—Lydia m. Amory Leach 1817, and went to Jay, Me.—Susanna K. m. Silvanus Rogers and d. 1828.—Ford m. Harriet Shaw of M. 1820, and d. 1838.

[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Belcher family]

   BELCHER.—Mayhew Belcher (from Boston) lived in E. B. and d. unmarried 1778; his sister Ann m. John Keith 1774.—Deborah Belcher m. Seth Dunbar 1761.—Rebecca m. Jesse Edson 1764.—Hannah m. Capt. Moses Curtis 1769.—Amie m. Wm. Tribou 1784.

   BENSON.—John Benson (from Weymouth perhaps and s. of John of Hull), settled in S. B., m. Elizabeth, D. probably of Jonathan Washburn, 1710, and had Susanna, Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mary, Hannah and Jonathan; he d. 1770; his will dated the same year, in which it appears Benjamin, Elizabeth, Mary and Hannah were then dead.—Susanna m. Jonathan Cushman 1736.—Hannah m. James Dunbar, Jr., 1746, and d. a. 1757.

   2.   Benjamin (s. of John 1), m. Keziah, D. of Amos Snell 1745, and had Benjamin, an only child, who m. Abigail, D.


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