probably of Nathan Pratt 1770.—Benjamin the father d. 1749, and his w. Keziah 1750; his will 1748, hers 1749; the w. of Benjamin, Jr., d. 1771.

   3.   Jonathan (s. of John 1) m. Martha, D. of Amos Snell, 1740, and had John 1742, Eunice 1744, Mary 1745, Martha 1749, Lois 1751, Jonathan 1752, Ebenezer 1755, David 1756, Jonas [sic, Jonah, Bridgewater VR 1:48] 1759; he d. 1788, of small pox; she 1801, æ. 84; his will dated 1788, hers 1791.—Eunice m. John Harden 1766.—Mary m. Benjamin Hayward, Jr., 1767.—Martha m. Elisha Waterman of Halifax 1774.—Lois m. Cornelius Washburn, Jr.

   4.   Jonathan (s. Jonathan 3) m. Lydia, D. probably of Samuel Harden, 1774, and had John, Betsy, Cyrus, Jonathan and Abigail, and perhaps others; he d. 1802, æ. 50.—John d. 1805, æ. 27.—Cyrus m. Lydia, D. of Capt. Simeon Wood, 1806.—Jonathan m. Jane, D. of Jonah Benson, 1820.—Abigail m. Samuel Jones 1811.

   5.   Ebenezer (s. of Jonathan 3) m. Silence, D. of Nehemiah Packard and wid. of Seth Leonard, 1777, and had a D. Olive, who m. Martin Conant 1797, and two ss, Asa and Hosea; and all went to Jay in Me.

   6.   David (s. of Jonathan 3) m. Charity, D. of Seth Hayward, 1780, and had Tabatha 1781, Eunice 1782, Charity 1784, Sarah 1786, David 1788, Seth 1790, Bethiah 1793, Keziah 1796, Polly 1798.—Tabitha m. Wm. Fuller 1801.—Eunice m. Abner Keith 1803.—Charity m. Ebenezer Cushman of Kingston 1805.—Sarah m. James Pool, Jr., a. 1808.—Bethiah m. Seth Thompson 1815.—Keziah m. John Atwood Jackson 1815.—Polly m. Ebenezer Chamberlin 1820.

   7.   Jonah (s. of Jonathan 3) m. Martha Thompson of Halifax 1782, and had Jonah, Waitstill, Patty, Nahum, Lucia and Jane.—Jonah m. Chloe Hathaway 1819.—Waitstill m. Benjamin Holmes 1807.—Patty m. Philander Wood 1813.—Nahum m. Chloe Dunbar 1819.—Lucia m. a Drake.—Jane m. Jona. Benson 1820.

   John Benson m. Sarah Williams 1765.—Keziah m. Ebenezer Cushman, Jr., of Kingston 1805.—Hannah m. Jabez Waterman of H. 1785.

   BESSEE.—Nehemiah Bessee, with his wife Sarah, came probably from Wareham, and settled in S. B., had Abisha 1760, Lucy 1762, Jonah 1764, John 1766, Abraham 1768, Adam 1770, Sarah 1772, Polly 1774; they had also a D. Charity, and two ss., Nehemiah and Anthony, who went to Woodstock.—Charity m. Ebenezer Pratt 1780.   Abisha m. Sally, D. of Jona. Conant, 1782.—Lucy m. David Conant 1782.—Jonah m. Eunice, D. of Daniel Washburne, 1787, and went to Me.—Adam m. Joanna, D. of Dea. Seth Pratt, 1791, and d. 1793, and she m. Isaac Keith 1797.—Mary Bessee m. Moses Snell 1736.—Mary Bessee m.


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