Simeon Hayward 1757.—Thankful Bessee of Wareham m. Nathan Leonard 1744.—Lydia m. Saml Leonard 1750.—Joanna, D. of Adam, m. Martin Leonard 1818.

   2.   Reuben Besse, with his wife, came from Me. with their children, viz., William, Mary, Keziah and Thomas.—He was b. in Wareham.—Keziah m. Luther French 1831.   They lived awhile in E. B. and moved back to Me.

   These families were probably descended from Anthony Bessee, who first settled in Lynn and removed to Sandwich 1637.

   BICKNELL.—John Bicknell, and his w. Rebecca, came probably from Abington, and had John 1772, Noah 1773, Simeon 1775.—Jacob Bicknell, Jr., of Abington m. Mehitabel, D. of Micah White 1803.—John Bicknell m. Susanna, widow of Saml. Sturtevant and D. of Capt. Josiah Packard.

   BISBEE.—Moses Bisbee (s. of John of Marshfield) and his w. Mary settled in E. B. and had Abigail* Miriam 1724, Charles 1726, Joanna 1729, Mary 1733*, Tabitha 1735.—Joanna m. John Churchill 1756.—Tabitha never m.

   2. Charles (s. of Moses above) m. Bulah, D. of Rowse Howland, and had Elisha 1757, Charles 1758, Mary 1760, Moses, John, Solomon, Calvin, Rowse.—This family removed to Pembroke.

   3. Samuel Bisbee, from Pembroke, (s. probably of Elisha Bisbee, Esq.) settled in B. a. 1750, and m. Martha, D. of Joseph Snell, 1751, and had Sarah 1751, Martha 1753, Hannah 1755, Samuel 1757, Benjamin 1759.—Elisha m. Martha, D. of Nathan Keith, 1779, and afterwards Jemima Allen, and went to Me.

   Ebenezer had two wives; his first, Bathsheba Whitmarsh, m. 1745 and d. 1777, æ. 50, by whom he had a D. Jennett 1771*; his 2d w. was Mehitabel, D. of Ebenezer Shaw, m. 1778.   He and Luther went to Cummington.—Hannah m. Zechariah Shaw 1777.—Bathsheba Bisbee m. Azariah Beal 1776.

   4.   John Bisbee m. widow Rebecca, widow of Isaac Alden, 1771, and D. of Josiah Keith of E., and had John 1774, Rebecca 1777; the mother d. 1777, æ. 41, and he m. Huldah, D. of Ebenezer Shaw, 1779, and had Ira 1780, Ebenezer 1782, Huldah 1784, Patty 1788; he had a 3d w. Mary, D. of John Edson, by whom he had Ziba, Chandler and others; he d. 1817; she 1833, æ. 61.—John went to Me.—Huldah m. William Barrell, Jr., 1801.   Ira m. Rebecca, D. of Samuel Dyke, 1825, and had Algernon Sidney 1806.—Ziba m. Sirena, D. of Gideon Lincoln, 1814.—Molly m. Emery Brown 1817, Chandler Bisbee m. Mary Byram Whitmarsh 1818.—Olive m. Cyrus Warren 1814.—Lavinia Bisbee of St. m. Alfred Howard 1794.—Eliizabeth of P. m. John Tomson 1762.   These families all descended probably from Thomas Bisbee, who was at Scituate 1634, and Deacon of the Church at its first institution there.


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