beth Bolton d. 1801, æ. 76.—Mary m. Joseph Bolton 1773.—Ann m. Jeremiah Pratt 1777.—John m. Betsy Dana of Boston.

   4.   Joseph (s. of Joseph) m. Mary, D. John Bolton, 1773, and had Philip 1774, Joseph 1776, John 1778, Deliverance, 1781, Barzillai 1783, Zimri 1786, Betty 1788, Mary and Silence.

   5.   John (of Raynham) m. Mary D. of Thomas Pratt, 1787, and had Micah 1788 at T., Margery 1791, Alfred 1793, Mary Ann 1795, Anne Wade 1799, George W. 1801, Thomas J. 1805, at Charlestown.—Philip Bolton m. Bethiah Hayward 1786.—Rhoda m. Abijah Dyer 1764.—Jabez m. Bethiah, D. of Christopher Ripley, 1765.—Daniel m. Alice Leach 1776.—Jonathan m. Hannah Snow 1794.—David m. Zilpha Snow 1794.

   BONNEY.—William Bonney (from Pembroke) m. Phebe, D. of Isaac Allen, 1766, and lived in E. B., and had Allen*, William, Joanna and Gladden.—William m. Molly, D. of Jesse Dunbar, 1796, and had Allen 1796*, Vesta 1798*, Harriet 1802, Thos. Jefferson 1803, Joanna 1805, Lucius 1808, Eliza 1811.—Joanna, Senr., m. Dea. Barzillai Allen 1796.—Gladden m. Mercy Randall 1806, and had Mary Beal 1806, Gladden 1808, Hannah Kingsbury 1812, Lucy Randall 1815.—Cynthia Silvester Bonney m. Ebenezer Cutler 1797.— Noah of Hanson m. Agnes Keith 1819.—Harriet m. Harmon Washburn 1821.

   BOWDITCH.—John Bowditch of Braintree, and his wife Temperance, had William, John and Mary; his will 1718.—Mary m. Thomas White.—William m. Mary, D. of Dea. Samuel Bass, 1720, and had Mary, Elizabeth, Abigail, Susanna, Jonathan, Samuel, Bethiah and Bathsheba; he d. a. 1748.—Jonathan and Susanna were put under guardianship of their uncle Capt. Jona. Bass of E. B., and most of the children lived in E. B. and m. there.—Mary m. Joseph Byram 1745.—Elizabeth m. Isaac Snow 1748.—Abigail m. David Pratt, Jr., 1753.—Samuel m. Rebecca, D. of Josiah Byram, 1755, and had Bethiah 1757, Mary 1760.—Bethiah m. Daniel Bass of Boston.—Bathsheba m. Ephraim Groves 1762.

   BOZWORTH.—Jonathan Bozworth was at Hingham before 1640; his children were Rebeckah 1641, Bethiah 1644, Benjamin*, Mehitahel and Mary 1647, Nathaniel and Jeremiah 1649, Hannah and Deliverance 1650, Bellamy 1654, Edward 1659, Bridget 1660, Benjamin 1668.

   2.   Dea. Jonathan Bozworth of Halifax; (grandson, perhaps, of the above); his estate settled and divided 1751; his wid. Ruth; his children were Jonathan of Bridgewater, Alice, wife of Eleazar Waterman; Zadock, Noah, Icabod and Jabez.—The wid. afterwards m. a Packard and d. 1786.—Aaron Bozworth m. Sarah, D. of Nathan Ames.

   3.   Jonathan (son of Dea. Jonathan of Halifax) settled in W. B. about 1750, and m. Mary Pain 1752, and had a D. 1753*,


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