BROWN. 123

buryport Dec. 12, 1797, æ. 84; his son John was living there 1829, æ. 73, and in a letter of that year says, "his grandfather John came from the County of Kent, in England, and he has heard his father (John Jr.) say that the Bretts in Bridgewater were his relations; he d. Sept. 13, 1839, æ. 83, called a revolutionary patriot.—James and Abigail Brett of Boston had Ann 1756, Abigail 1760, Elizabeth 1765, James 1767.—Ebenezer Brett, æ. 71, d. at Chesterfield 1833.—Phebe m. Abel Dunbar 1805.—Polly Brett m. David Bartlett 1796.—There was a Thomas Brett, schoolmaster, d. Boston 1767, his wid. Ann settled his estate.—John Brett m. Martha Mortell 1796.—(Boston Records.)

   BROWN.—Bartholomew Brown Esq. (s. of John Brown of Sterling) was b. at Danvers and gra. H. U. 1799, and m. Betsy, D. of Genl. Silvanus Lazell, 1801, and settled first in Sterling, then in E. B. as an attorney, and had James Tilden*, Lucy Ann, w. of Dr. Adolphus K. Borden; George Henry, who m. Emily [Harriet (423)] Porter of Sterling; and Harriet Mitchell.

   2.   Capt. Woodbridge Brown (s. of Rev. Samuel and Dorothy Brown of Abington; she was a Woodbridge) and his wife Anna had Samuel 1737, John 1739, Josiah 1740, Joseph 1745, Dorothy 1748, and Mary, and perhaps others.—Dorothy only b. in E. B.; she m. Eleazer Bates and d. 1839, æ. 91.—Joseph d. in E. B. 1825, æ. 80.—Mary m. Dea. Eleazer Whitman.

   3.   John (s. of Capt. Woodbridge 2) m. Lydia Hearsey, and lived in E. B., where his father lived awhile, and had Isaac, John, David, Polly and Anna*, and perhaps others.—Isaac, and his w. Elizabeth, had Isaac 1790, Betsy 1792, Emery 1795, and Alvan 1798.—John m. a Jenkins and d. 1816, æ. 37, and had Alfred, Mehitabel, w. of Ward Richards, and Lydia, w. of Philip Pratt.—David m. 2 Ds. of Joseph Ramsdell, first Nabby 1812, and then Lydia 1818, and has a family.—Polly m. Christopher Bates.—Isaac m. Eunice Thayer 1813.—Betsy m. Daniel Barker of Hanson.—Emery m. Molly, D. of John Bisbee, 1817.—Alvan m. Betsy Elms of Hanson 1821, and is d.

   4.   Knight Brown (from Scituate or Cohasset) and his w. Priscilla settled in E. B., he d. here 1832, æ. 82, and had Andrew 1780, Sarah 1782, David 1785, Lewis 1788, Lydia 1790, Charles, Priscilla, and others perhaps.—Andrew remained at Scituate.—Sarah m. Oliver Leach 1803.—David d. a bachelor, æ. 46.—Lewis m. Betsy Harden 1806.—Lydia m. John Thayer 1811.—Charles m. Asenath, D. of Isaac Chamberlin 1719.— Priscilla m. Henry Thornbury Smith 1792.

   Elizabeth Brown m. Jonathan Holloway 1746.—Daniel Brown m. Mehitable Porter 1797.—Samuel Brown's w. d. in E. B. 1780 æ. 20.—Susanna Brown m. John Winnett 1800.—Charles Brown m. Mehitabel French 1809, and had Polly and Charles.—Polly m. Jacob Harden.—Moses Brown m. Eunice Harris of St. 1818.


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