124 BRYANT.  

   5.   David Brown m. Jennett Miller (this is one of the Irish families that settled in N. B. about 1740,) he had Ann, John, James, and David, all of whom d. in infancy.—and John and James both went to Harpersfield.—He d. in the prime of life, about 1753, which was the date of his will.—Jennet Brown, perhaps the wid. m. Simon Griffin 1758.

   BRYANT.—Ichabod Bryant m. Ruth Staples, and they had a dis. from Raynham Ch. to W. B. 1745.—He d. 1759; he came from M. to N. B. and had Philip, Nathan, Seth, Job, Gamaliel, Phebe, Ruth, Sarah, Anna, and Prudence.—Nathan d. single.—Gamaliel settled in New Bedford.—Phebe m. Henry Howard.—Ruth m. a Holmes.—Sarah m. Francis Cook 1750.—Anne m. a Robinson.—Prudence d. single.

   2.   Doct. Philip (s. of Ichabod 1st) m. Silence D. of Dr. Abiel Howard 1757, and had Oliver 1758*, Ruth 1760*, Daniel 1763*, Bezaliel 1765, Peter 1767, Cyrus 1769, Anna 1771, Silence 1774, and Charity 1777.—His w. d. and he m. Hannah, D. of Benjamin Richards 1779.—He d. 1816 æ. 84; she d. 1816 æ. 80.—Silence m. Ichabod Bryant 1792.—Anna m. Capt. Henry Kingman 1795.—Bezaliel and Charity removed to the State of N. York.—Peter was a physician, settled in Cummington, and m. a D. of Ebenezer Snell, Esq., of that place, and was father of William Cullen Bryant the poet.—Cyrus m. Polly Noyes 1795, and had Zibia 1795, Daniel 1798, who m. Lucy Skinner of Mansfield 1817.—Zibia m. Benjamin Dickerman 1817.—The parents Cyrus and Polly, both d. 1798.

   3.   Seth (s. of Ichabod 1) m. Elizabeth D. of Dependence French of St. 1765, and had Elizabeth 1766, Ichabod 1768, Dependence French 1770, Mary 1772, Zibeah 1774, Seth 1778, Olive 1781, Ira 1783.—This family removed westward.—Elizabeth m. Josiah Manly 1789.—Ichabod m. Silence Bryant 1792.   Dependence F. m. Rebecca Blackman, 1791, he lived in Cummington, Easton, Pembroke, and d. in N. Bedford, and had 3 who d. in infancy, and then Dion, Rebecca, Austin, Emily, Elizabeth, and William.—Mary m. Samuel Holmes 1791.

   4.   Job (s. of Ichabod 1) m. Mary Turner 1764; their children Anna 1764, Nathan 1766, Calvin 1768, Job Staples 1772, Thirza 1774, Oliver, Clement, David, Samuel, Asa, and Harriet.   Anna m. Abiel Phillips of Easton 1787, and was mother of the Dwarf.—Thirza m. Manasseh Dickerman 1791.—Job Staples m. Lovicey Pratt 1793.—Oliver m. Nabby, D. of Timothy Ames 1804, and has Ziba Bass 1804, Danville Ames 1806, Theron Carver 1808, George W. 1810.—Harriet m. David Dunbar, Jr., of Easton 1801.—Asa m. Mebitabel Snow of Easton 1810 and Betsey Snow 1811.

   5.   Daniel Bryant (s. of Seth of Halifax) m. Jennet, D. of Cushing Mitchell 1789, and first resided at Watertown, after-


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