wards at Stroudwater in Maine, and finally settled in E. B. and had Seth, Mary, Jennet, Alice, Abby M. and Dorcas.—Seth m. Maria, D. of Charles Keen, and lives in Boston; she d. 1839, æ. 35.—Jennet m. Jonah Edson 1819.—Alice m. Simeon H. Edson 1833, and d. 1836.—Abby M. m. Robert Curtis, removed Boston and d. there 1832.—Dorcas m. a Fellows, and d. 1834.—Jennet the mother d. 1808, æ. 37, and he m. Wid. Charity, late w. of Isaac Chamberlin, and sister of Maj. Nathaniel Tomson of Halifax 1809, and had George, Laura, Elizabeth, and Lucy, who d. 1832, æ. 14.—George m. Elizabeth Deblois.—Laura m. Isaac Packard.—Elizabeth m. a Dyer.—Ruth, sister of Daniel, m. Benj. Faxon 1787, and d. 1788,, æ. 19.

   6.   Dion Bryant (s. of Dependence F.) m. Lucretia H. Briggs of Pembroke 1821, and had Merton Cassius 1823, and Lucretia Hall 1826.

   7.   Calvin (s. of Job 4) m. Rebecca Morse 1791, and had Silvia 1792, Clarissa 1798, Luther 1799, Wealthy 1801, Melinda 1803, Eleanor 1806, Paul 1811.

   8.   Nathan (s. of Job 4) m. Sarah Jordan 1790, and had Sally 1791, who m. Jona. Snow, Jr., 1810, Nathan 1793, Anna 1795, who m. Wm. Carr, Jr., 1821, Abigail 1797, Mira 1799, Olive 1801, Issachar Snell 1805, Sophia 1808, Benj. Turner 1812.

   9.   Samuel (s. of Job 4) and his w. Sally had Samuel 1801, Betsy 1805, Erin 1806, Mary 1808, Addison 1814.

   Martha Bryant m. Thomas Conant a. 1730.—Lydia Bryant m. Alexander Tirrell 1788.—Ruth Bryant m. Edward Hayford 1709.—Mary Bryant m. John Wormal 1729.—Jerusha Bryant of Plympton m. Solomon Leach 1738.—Nehemiah Bryant m. Bethiah Washburn 1741.—Daniel Bryant m. Sarah Washburn 1767.—Zebulun Bryant m. Mary Conant 1767.—Agatha Bryant of M. m. Jeremiah Keith 1776.—Sarah m. Jotham Ames 1786.   Abigail Bryant m. Alvan Snell 1799.—Mercy Bryant m. Seth Packard a. 1727.—Jona. Bryant and w. came from Boston 1737 had Mary 1739, and returned again to Boston 1740.—All these perhaps are descendants of John Bryant, who settled in Scituate as early as 1639, and m. Mary, D. of Geo. Lewis of Barnstable 1643, and had John 1644, Hannah 1645, Joseph 1646*, Sarah 1648, Mary 1649, Martha 1651, Samuel 1653; in 1657 he m. a 3d w., Elizabeth, D. of Rev. Wm. Witherell; she died early, and he m. Mary, D. of Thomas Hiland, and had by her 10 children viz., Elizabeth 1665, Benjamin 1669, Joseph 1671, Jabez 1672, Ruth 1673, Thomas 1675, Deborah 1677, Agatha 1678, Ann 1680, Elisha 1682. (See Deane's History of Scituate for a further account of the family.) [Note: Ichabod Bryant 1st above was the descendant of Stephen Bryant of Plymouth - see D. Alden Smith, "The Descendants of Stephen Bryant of Plymouth, and of His Son-In-Law Lt. John Bryant of Plympton," NEHGR 153:413 ff., for a complete account.]

   BUCK.—Thomas Buck was eldest son of Isaac and Frances Buck of Scituate, and settled in Bridgewater before 1712.—He m. Elizabeth, D. of James Howard 1712, and had Mary 1713,


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