Thomas 1715, Elizabeth 1717, John 1721, Matthew 1724, Tabitha 1728; he d. 1755, she 1760.—Mary m. David Hill 1733.—Elizabeth m. Elias Monk 1744.—John m. Mary Ames 1739, Tabitha m. Thomas Kimber 1755.—Some of this family settled in Easton.

   2.   Matthew (s. of the above) lived also in Bridgewater; his wife Elizabeth; he had Isaac 1750, Thomas 1752, Hannah 1755, Keziah 1757, Joshua 1760, Daniel 1762, Eliphalet 1765, Elizabeth 1769, Matthew 1772.—Isaac m. Sarah Hayward 1773.—Thomas m. Silence Brett 1774.

   Isaac Buck first above named and his brother John, both of Scituate, the former Town Clerk, and the latter commonly called Cornet John, "having been Cornet of the Troopers," were probably sons of James Buck, at Hingham 1638.—Isaac d. 1695, and John's will is dated 1697.—There was also a Roger Buck at Cambridge 1643, who had sons, John 1644, and Ephraim 1646.

   BUKER or BOWCKER.—Nelson Buker and his wife Alice Austin m. 1795, and had George 1796, Melinda 1799, Elijah 1803, Thomas 1810, Louisa 1813, Pamelia 1814.

   Israel Bowcker m. Bathsheba Carver 1784.—Elijah Bowcker m. Mary Belcher of St. 1820.—Molly Bowcker m. David Snell 1783.—David Bowcker had a D. Rebecca born in E. B. 1733.

   BURR.—Jonathan Burr, Minister of Dorchester, ord. 1640, and d. 1641, was born at Redgrave in Suffolk, England, 1604, came to N. E. 1639 with his wife Frances and 3 children, Jonathan, John, and Simon.—Jonathan a Physician, settled in Hingham and d. in the Canada expedition of the small pox 1690.—Simon also settled in Hingham a. 1646, and d. 1691, and had a son John 1659, who had a son John 1695, who settled in Bridgewater.—The first John settled in Fairfield, Conn., whose s. Judge Peter Burr, was father of the Rev. Isaac Burr, who was father of the Rev. Aaron Burr, Pres. of N. Jersey College, father of Aaron B.—Vice Pres. of U. S.

   1.   John Burr (s. of John and Mary of Hingham) was born 1695; his father d. at Hingham a. 1716; his mother Mary was probably D. of John Lazell of Hingham; he came to Bridgewater a. 1720, was a Deacon in W. B., and m. Silence, D. of Ephraim Howard 1722, and had John 1724, Elijah 1726, Mary 1728, Jonathan 1731, Seth 1734, Ephraim 1737.—She d. 1773; he 1777.—Elijah went to Connecticut.

   2.   John ( s. of John 1) m. Sarah Powers and had Sarah 1746, William, Silence, Polly. (N. B. there is some uncertainty in the record.—Sarah is called D. of John and Sarah Burr born 1746; and again John Burr m. Mary Powers 1748, 2 years after, which may be reconciled by supposing he m. two sisters, first Sarah and afterwards Mary); he d. 1776.—William d. young leaving one daughter.


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