[Thanks to Jim Long for transcribing the Cole family]

Niles.—Catherine m. Daniel Littlefield 1762.—Eliza m. Solomon Smith of E. 1761.—Sarah m. a Withington.—Eleazar m. Lucy Shurtliff 1769, and went to Me.

   2.   Samuel (s. of Joseph 1) m. Sarah, D. of Seth Packard 1752, and had Willliam 1753, Rebecca 1755*, Samuel 1761, and removed westward.—William m. Molly Lazell 1773.—Rebecca m. Amaziah Cole 1775.

   3.   Ephraim (s. of Joseph 1) m. Hannah Randall and had Zilpha 1754, Ephraim 1756, Hannah 1759, Molly 1764, Rachel 1768.—Zilpha m. Edward Bartlett 1772.—Hannah m. Isaac Keith 1775, and afterwards Capt. Seth Keith.—Molly m. John Drake 1782.—Rachel m. Ichabod Packard 1786.

   4.   Joseph (s. of Joseph 1) m. Betty, D. of Constant Southworth 1757, and had Desire 1758, and went westward.—Desire m. Noah Pratt 1777, and went to Vermont.

   5.   Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 3) m. Silence Webb 1777, and had Ephraim, Thomas, Zibion, Ornan, Alvan, and Hannah.—Ephraim m. Susanna, D. of Adin Packard 1808, and had Susanna 1808.—Thomas m. Silence Thayer 1810.—Zibion m. Mary D. of Barzillai Field 1819.—Ornan m. Lucy, D. of Perez Southworth.—Alvan m. Eliza, D. of David French 1823.—Hannah m. Silas Snow 1800.

   John Cole of Plympton m. Patience Barber 1709.—Content of Pem. m. Wm. Whitman 1778.—Molly of Mid'o. m. Rufus Edson 1783.—Susanna of Mid'o. m. Alex Ames 1789.—Polly m. Winslow Thomas 1780.—Caleb m. Lucy Hall 1792.—Joseph of Plymouth m. Sarah Atwood 1793.—Patty m. Stephen Snell 1796.—Edward m. Phebe Alden of Mid. 1797.—Sally of Scituate m. Edwin Howard 1803.—Phebe m. Samuel Snell 1810.—Ephraim of Plymouth m. Sarah, D. of Francis Cook, s. of Jacob.

   COLWELL.—Ebenezer Colwell m. Sarah, D. of Benjamin Price 1769, and settled in W. B., and had Brett 1771, Keziah 1775, Ebenezer 1779, Sally 1781, Melvin 1786, John 1791.—The mother d. 1816.—Hannah Colwell d. 1815.—Ebenezer m. Betsy Hayward 1804.—Sally m. Albertus Edson of Grafton, Vt., 1804.   Kezia m. Ebenezer Edson 1797.—John m. Hannah, D. of Silvanus Hayward 1813, and afterwards m. Tabitha, another D. of Silvanus Hayward, 1816.

   CONANT.1.   Nathaniel Conant (from Beverly) with his w. Hannah settled in S. B. before 1690; he was a descendant of Roger Conant, who came to N. E. 1623, and lived at Plymouth, Nantasket, Cape Ann, and afterwards at Salem, where he built the first house, about 1626, and died at Beverly 1679 in his 89th year.   Nathaniel's will 1712, proved 1732.—He had Nathaniel, Josiah, Lot, William, Bethiah, Hannah, Martha, Lydia, Rebecca; the births of Lot 1690, Lydia 1692, and Rebecca 1694 are on


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