Deborah Leach 1820.—Polly m. Wm. Andrews 1818.—Patty Conant m. Ellis Holmes, Jr., 1803.—Mehitabel or Hitty m. Cornelius Holmes, Jr., 1806.—Thomas m. Anne Leonard 1812.

   COOK.—Francis Cook m. Sarah, D. of Ichabod Bryant 1750, and had Ruth 1751, Rhoda 1753, Sarah 1755, Phebe 1757, Gamaliel 1759.—Sarah m. John Lathrop 1780.—This man was a descendant without doubt from Francis Cook who arrived at Plymouth 1620 in the first ship, the May Flower.—John and his wife Silence had John 1782, Kingman 1786.—John Cook m. Sally Lathrop 1790.—Kingman Cook m. Sarah Munro 1815, and had Tiley Shurtliff 1817.—Hannah Cook from the Cape m. Joseph Snell 1785.—Benjamin Cook of Br. (a soldier 1776) æ. 85, A. D. 1818.—Mr. Cook d. 1820 æ. 79.

   COPELAND.—Lawrence Copeland of Braintree m. Lydia Townsend 1651, and had Thomas 1654, William 1656, John 1658, Ephraim 1665, and several Ds.—He d. 1699 said to be 110 years old.   Wm. (s. of Lawrence) m. Mary, wid. of Christopher Webb Jr., and D. of John and Ruth Bass 1694, (Ruth was D. of the Hon. John Alden, the Pilgrim,) and died at Braintree about 1716.   He had William 1695, Ephraim 1697, Ebenezer 1698, Jonathan 1701, David 1704, Joseph 1706, Benjamin 1708, Moses 1710, and Mary 1713.—His son Joseph settled first in W. B. and afterwards in Scituate, and had a numerous family remarkable for their longevity.

   1.   Jonathan (s. of William, and grand s. of Lawrence) m. Betty, D. of Thomas Snell, Jr., 1723, and settled in W. B. and had Abigail 1724, Betty 1726*, Jonathan 1728, Mary 1731, Joseph 1734, Hannah 1737, Elijah 1739, Daniel 1741, Sarah 1745, Ebenezer 1746, Betty 1750.—He d. 1790, æ. 90.—Abigail m. George Howard 1745.—Mary m. Benjamin Gannett 1750.—Hannah m. Jonathan Kingman 1759.—Sarah m. David Keith of Easton 1769.—Betty m. Clifford Belcher of Sharon 1770.

   2.   Jonathan (s. of Jonathan 1) m. Mehitabel, D. of Samuel Dunbar 1754, and had Jonathan 1755, Mehitabel, Sarah, Asa 1762, Caleb 1764, Ephraim 1767, Mary 1772, Martha 1774.—Mehitabel m. Maj. Daniel Hartwell 1779.—Sarah (or Sally, D. of Caleb 9) m. Stephen Fuller of Attleborough 1810.—Ephraim m. Lucy, D. of Eleazar Keith 1791, and had Ephraim 1792, Lucy 1794, and one other, and removed to Leicester.—Mary m. John Burr 1792.—Jonathan the father d. 1820, æ. 92.

   3.   Dea. Joseph (s. of Jona. 1) m. Rebecca, D. of John Hooper 1760, and had Rebecca 1762, Joseph 1764, Salmon 1766, Hannah 1768, Polly 1771, Sarah 1773, Winslow 1775, Huldah 1777, Hezekiah 1780, and Lucy 1784; he d. 1811, æ. 77; she d. 1820.—Rebecca m. Eben'r Dunbar 1785.—Joseph m. Sarah Swift Huxford of Chelsea 1808, and went to Me. and d. without issue.—Salmon m. Betty, D. of Nathan Snell 1799 and had Ly-


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