rany m. Silvanus Keith 1820.—Tempe m. Barzillai Keith 1819.—Caleb m. Olive D. of Maj. Cyrus Porter of St. 1821.—Sally (or Sarah, D. of Jona. 2) m. Stephen Fuller of Attleborough 1810.   Vesta m. Nahum Perkins 1820.

   CORTHRELL.—Daniel Corthrell and his wife Hannah had Daniel 1747, Elizabeth 1749, Abigail 1751, Phebe 1754.

   COWING.—Jabez Cowing m. Susanna, D. of John Bolton, 1741, and had Jabez 1742, Abisha 1744, Reuben 1749, Benjamin 1754.   Sarah Cowing m. John Hooper 1746.—Israel Cowing of Scituate m. Rebecca, D. of James Wade, 1788.

   2.   Joseph Cowing or Cowen (s. of Israel of Scituate, a Scotch family) m. Jane, D. of Samuel Keith, 1744; she d. 1794, æ. 65; they had Joseph 1745, Hannah 1747, Ward 1755.—Joseph m. Abigail, D. of Joshua Fobes 1772.—Hannah m. John Hooper 1777.—Lucy Cowing m. Martin Copeland 1802.—Betsy m. Silas Andrews 1803.

   CRAFTS.—Dr. Thomas Staples Crafts, came from Newton; married a Park; settled in N. B. 1756; had Thomas, Samuel, John, Moses, Edward, Zibeon, Patty and Polly.   Patty married Rev. Zechariah Howard 1785.—Polly m. Rev. Naphthali Shaw 1798.—The Doctor, with his 4 ss. Samuel, Moses, Edward and Zibeon, went to Maine.

   2.   Rev. Thomas (s. of the above) gra. H. U. 1783; m. Polly, D. of Rev. John Porter, 1786; settled at Princeton, 1786, and left there 1791, and was installed at Mid'o.; had Thomas*, Frederick, Eliphalet Porter, Mary, Betsy and Sophia, and d. 1819, æ. 60.   Betsy m. Jesse Perkins 1815.—Sophia m. a Hartshorn.—Frederick gra. B. U. 1815.—Eliphalet P. gra. B. U. 1821, and settled in the ministry in E. B., and has been since installed at Sandwich, and m. Augusta Porter of Sterling.

   3.   John (s. of Thomas S. 1) m. Olive, D. of Rev. John Porter, 1790, and had Jonathan Porter 1792, who gra. B. U. 1817, and d. 1822, æ. 30.

   Samuel Crafts m. a Packard.—Moses m. Phebe, D. of Eleazar Snow 1799.—Zibeon m. Hannah Howard 1799.

   CRANE.—Samuel Crane from Milton m. Sarah (wid. probably of Josiah) Washburn 1738, and had Samuel 1739, who d. a bachelor.

   2.   Dr. Jonathan Crane came from Berkley and settled in S. B., and m. Mary, D. of Col. Josiah Edson, 1770, and had Daniel 1771 (who gra. at Brown U. 1796, and m. Anna Howard, D. of Jonathan, 1801, and left several children) Susanna 1776.   Dr. Jona. m. Lydia Adams of Kingston, 2d wife, 1783, and d. Dec. 31, 1813, æ. 76.—Susanna m. Oliver Eaton 1798, and afterwards a Dillingham of Troy.—Benjamin Crane m. Eunice, D. of William Washburn, 1770.—Lydia Crane of Berkley m. Rodolphus


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