Edson 1780.—John Crane m. Patience Pratt 1793.—Betsy Crane m. Lewis Packard, 1808.—Spencer Crane of Canton m. Sally Pratt, 1809.—Phebe Crane d. 1789.

   CROCKER.—Perez Crocker (s. of Heman of Carver) m. a Thompson and came to N. B. 1802, and had Daniel, Henry, Edward, Charles, Frederick, Louisa, and Jane.—Louisa m. Capt. Charles Gurney.—Jane m. Cyrus Hooper.

   CROOKER.—Zenas Crooker (s. of Jona. of Pem.) m. Content Stetson and settled in S. B., and had Zenas 1792, Ursula Barker, 1794, Lucy 1796, Eliza 1799, Ralph 1801, Naomi Stetson 1804, Benjamin 1807, Helen 1809.—Zenas m. Hannah Richardson of Danvers.—Lucy m. Zephaniah Shaw.—Naomi S. m. a Hicks.—Helen m. Samuel W. Bates.

   Jonathan m. Sarah, D. of Ebenezer Allen.—John Crooker m. Polly, D. of Joseph Smith 1798.—James d. in E. B. æ. over 80.

   CROSS.—Capt. Nathaniel Cross (from Exeter N. H.) m. Margaret Bird of Dorchester and settled in E. B. and had Nathaniel Henry 1803, Joseph Warren 1808, Thaddeus William 1810, Margaret Granger 1813, Sarah Ann 1816, George Gilman.   Nathaniel H. m. Lucy Vose of Boston and settled in N. B.— Joseph W. gra. H. U., m. a Hodges and afterwards Francis Vose of Boston and settled in the ministry at Boxborough.—Thaddeus W. m. a Brooks and settled in Quincy.—Margaret G. m. a Standart and is now a wid.—Sarah A. m. George Folsom.

   CURTIS.—Edward Curtis, m. Abigail, D. of Joseph Pratt, 1759, and had Hannah 1760, Mercy 1762, Abigail 1764, Lydia 1766, and removed to Hardwick.

   2.   Barnabas (s. of Ashly of St.) lived in N. B.; m. Esther D. of Pelatiah Phinney 1774, and had Olive 1776, Hannah 1780, Bela 1782, Isaac 1786, and Josiah Washburn 1794.—Hannah m. Alpheus Tribou 1804.—Bela m. Kezia D. of Nehemiah Lincoln 1803 and had Josiah 1803, Mira 1805, Beza 1806, Thomas Madison 1808, Barnabas 1810, Alanson 1812, Esther 1813, Patty Perkins 1816.—Isaac m. Mehitabel, D. of John Wales 1806, and had John 1806, Francis 1808*, Henry 1810, Hannah 1812*.

   3.   Capt. Simeon (s. of Simeon of Hanover) m. Bathsheha Silvester, and lived in E. B. and d. 1837, æ. 80; he had Bathsheba 1791, Silvester 1795, Simeon 1797, Robert 1799.—Bathsheba m. Capt. Isaac Keith 1815.—Silvester m. Heman Keith.   Robert m. Abby M., D. of Daniel Bryant and lives in Boston.

   Abigail Curtis m. Josiah Washburn 1746.—Rebecca m. Wm. Washburn 1738.—Experience m. Ezekiel Washburn 1749.—Patience m. Seth Brett 1744.—Eunice D. of Theophilus m. Edmund Soper 1756.—Benjamin of Plymp. m. Experience D. of Elisha Hayward 1732.—Capt. Moses m. Hannah Belcher 1769, 2d w.—wid. Curtis d. 1757.—Content d. 1763.—Aholibama m.


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