5.   Capt. Robert (s. of Robert 3) m. Lydia, D. of Isaac Tirrell of Abington, and had Susanna 1768, Lydia, and other Ds. and also 2 ss. Robert and Jonathan.—This family also removed to Cummington.—James Shaw, Beriah Shaw, and Eliphalet Packard, all of Cummington m. his Ds.—Maj. Robert and Jonathan have been Representatives from that town.   Jonathan m. Huldah, D. of Capt. Edmund Lazell.—Sabina Dawes of St. m. Joseph Randall, Jr., 1820.

   6.   Nathan (s. of Robert 3) m. Abigail D. of Jacob White 1772, and had Nathan 1775, Jacob 1778, Mary 1781, Abigail 1791.—Nathan went to Maine.—Jacob m. Martha Hersey 1800 and lives in Abington, and has a D. Silvester Holmes born here.   Mary m. Samuel Bicknell 1800.—Abigail m. William Hearsey.

   Wm. Dawes at Boston 1640; made free 1646; d. 1703, æ. 86; had Ambrose at Braintree 1642, William and Robert at Boston a. 1645 and 1646.—John and Susanna had Hannah 1659*.—John and Mary had Samuel 1660, Elizabeth 1661.—Wm. and Susanna had Jonathan 1661.—James and Frances had James 1668.—Ambrose and Mary had Susanna 1668, William 1671, Susanna 1673, Joseph 1677, Thomas 1680; his will 1705 mentions Ambrose, Thomas, Mary Webster, and Rebecca Moulton.—Jonathan and Hannah had Joanna 1687.—Thomas m. Mary Story 1702.—All the above from Boston records.—Samuel of Weymouth d. "in his Majesty's service," and his wid. Experience m. Charles Clark before 1700.—Ambrose of Duxbury and his w. Mehitabel had Priscilla 1712, Ebenezer 1714, Gideon 1718.—Ebenezer m. Mary Chandler and had Ambrose 1740, Diana 1741, Gideon 1743.

   DICKERMAN.—1.   Manasseh Dickerman (from Stoughton) m. a Randall and settled in N. B. and had Samuel, Benjamin, Daniel, Rebecca; he then m. Thirza D. of Job Bryant 1791, and had Oliver, Lyman, Manasseh, Ruth, Sally, Mary, Thirza, and Roana.—Daniel m. Ruth Tuel 1777.—Rebecca m. Lewis Dalie 1801.

   Daniel married Rebecca Smith 1804.—Benjamin married Zibia D. of Cyrus Bryant 1817.—Ebenezer, Jr., m. Mercy Stone 1768.—Abigail m. Hezekiah Mehurin 1760.—John of Roxbury m. Lydia Leach 1770.—John m. Keziah Alger 1786.—Nehemiah m. Ruth Clark 1800.—Joanna m. Wendell Sever 1813.—Ruth m. John Guinett 1814.—Polly m. Wm. Badger 1786.—Mary m. Eben. Shaw of Mid'o. 1816.—Sally m. Nath'l Shepardson 1817.—Chloe m. Jona. Lathrop 1765.—Wm. Keith m. a Dickerman.

   2.   Samuel (s. of Manasseh 1, probably) m. Olive, D. of Nathan Packard 1799 and had Vesta 1800, Oliver 1802, Abigail 1805, Samuel 1809, Julia Adeline 1814.—Samuel Dickerman m. Clara A. Packard 1822.


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