DIKE.—1.   Samuel Dike (from Ipswich, now Hamilton, a. 1773) settled in N. B.; his w. was a Perkins, he had Samuel, John, Nathaniel*, Veren, Mary, Sarah, Ann, and Abigail; he d. 1800, æ. 79.—Capt. Anthony m. a Pool and went to Plymouth.—John went to Beverly.—Veren went to Southbury, Conn.—Mary m. Job Ames 1782.—Sarah m. Ephraim Noyes 1779.—Ann m. James Loud.

   2.   Samuel (s. of Samuel 1) m. Lois, D. of Isaac Fuller 1772, and had Lucinda 1773, Salmon 1775, Fuller 1778, Olive 1780, Rebecca 1782, Oliver 1785, Nathaniel 1787, Samuel 1790, he m. a 2d w. Mehitabel, wid. of Bela Howard and D. of Col. Simeon Cary 1793, and had Bela Cary 1798.—Fuller and Nath'l went to Me.—Olive m. Joseph Shaw 1805.—Rebecca m. a Bisbee.—Oliver m. Sibil, D. of Bela Howard 1810, and had Lois Fuller 1812.—Samuel m. Betsy Burrill 1812, and had a s. Samuel, who gra. at B. U. 1838.

   DOWNIE.—Walter Downie came from Scotland with his two children, William, and Isabel, about 1735, and settled in N. B. where Howard Cary, Esq., lately lived.—William d. 1747 æ. 23, and Isabel m. Barnabas Pratt 1750.—He was so afflicted with the death of his son that he went back to Scotland.—His D., Pratt, went to Me. and lived to be 102 years old or more.

   DRAKE.—1.   Richard Drake and his w. Mary had Rhoda 1770, Parnel 1773, and Mary 1776.

   2.   Robert Drake and his w. Rebecca had Bethuel 1776.

   3.   Ebenezer Drake had a son Isaac.   These families appear by the records to have lived in Bridgewater.—Sarah Drake m. John Cary 1734.—Francis m. Sarah Hayden 1775.—Ebenezer m. Martha, D. of Zachariah Gurney 1781.—Hannah m. Caleb Dunbar 1782.—John m. Molly D. of Ephraim Cole 1782.—Rhoda m. Abiel Alger 1789.—Timothy m. Polly Dunbar 1789.—Polly of E. m. Asaph Hayward 1791.—Elijah 2d m. Susanna Churchill 1800.—Polly m. Jacob Hearsey 1812.—Lydia m. John Packard 1817.—Reuben m. Olive Cheesman 1819.—Ira m. wid. Mary Pratt 1821.

   DUMPHEY.—Elisha Dumphey and his w. Mary had Nathan 1782, Elijah 1785, Azel 1788, Jotham 1790, Elvin 1792.—Jotham m. a D. of John Harden.

   DUNBAR.—1.   James Dunbar (from Hingham) settled early in W. B., m. Jane, D. of Isaac Harris, and had Robert 1689, who d. 1706, and was called "the only surviving son of James Dunbar, who came from Hingham," the father d. 1690; and Jane, the wid. m. Pelatiah Smith.—Robert (of Hingham) his will 1693; his w. Rose, had John, Joseph, Joshua, Peter, James, (above deceased) Mary, Sarah, and Hannah.—Mary m. Isaac Harris.


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