[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Edson family]

   42.   Nathaniel (s. of Dea. Nathl. 27) m. Betsy, D. of Thomas Hayward, 1802; had Nathaniel 1805, Elizabeth Hayward 1807, Cornelius Warren 1809, Joanna 1811, Newton 1814, Fidelia 1817, Horatio 1820.

   43.   Jesse (s. of Joseph 34 [sic, Joseph 33]) m. Anne, D. of Josiah Williams, 1811; had Stillman Williams 1811, Alanson Sumner 1813, George Francis 1816.

   Joseph m. Bathsheba Proctor of Boston 1776.—Sarah m. Solo. Perkins 1760.—Bathsheba m. John Carver 1762.—Olive m. Azel Keith 1767.   Susanna m. Gershom Richmond 1773.—Alfred m. Eunice Snow 1796.—Calvin m. Patty Dunbar 1797.—Ebenezer m. Kezia Colwell 1797.—Orphah m. Marshall Harvey 1785.—Albertus Edson of Grafton, Vt., m. Sally Colwell 1804.—Mary Edson (or Etson) m. John Warner of Westport 1821.—Sally Edson m. Jeremiah Washburn 1801.

   EGERTON.—1.   Dennis Egerton and his wife Experience lived in E. B.; he d. a. 1834 [1734 (423)]; he had Hannah, John, Rebecca, Experience, James, Hezekiah, Miriam, and Dennis.

   2.   John (s. of Dennis 1) born 1721; m. Abigail, D. of James Snow, and had Ruth 1747, John 1750, Joseph 1756*, d. in the army, Abigail 1760, Benjamin 1763, and Hannah 1765.—The father d. 1779, æ. 58; his wid. m. Jona. Beal 1780.—Ruth m. Nehemiah Washburn 1770, and removed to Williamsburgh.— John and Benjamin removed to Shirley.—Hannah m. Samuel Whitman and removed to Cummington.

   3.   Hezekiah (s. of Dennis 1) m. Mary Hegebone (or Hitchborn) 1754, and had Molly 1755, Sarah 1757, Alice 1772 [bp. 1771, E. Bridgewater VR 50], Hannah, Eunice and Jennet, b. probably at Nova Scotia where he lived between 1757 and 1772, and whither he finally returned.   He had no sons.—Molly m. John Willis 1781.—Sarah m. a Graves.   Hannah m. Wm. Robinson 1780.—Eunice m. Ephraim Willis 1779.—Jennet and Alice m. at Nova Scotia.

   ERSKIN.—Christopher Erskin (from Ireland) m. Susanna, D. of Gaius [Gain (160)] Robinson 1729, and had Mary 1730, John 1732, Christopher 1734, and Jeremiah 1736.—John had John 1752, Elizabeth 1755, Christopher 1758, and James 1761.—Robert Erskin had a D. Elizabeth in E. B. 1733.—These families finally settled in Abington.

   FAXON.—Elisha Faxon (from Braintree) lived in E. B. and had Elisha, Samuel, Allen, Benjamin, and William.—Capt. Elisha settled in Halifax.—Samuel m. Priscilla, sister of James Thomas Esq. 1783, and had Charles, Luther, Priscilla and others, and went to R. I.—Benjamin m. Ruth D. of Seth Bryant of Hal. and lived and d. in Boston; his w. d. in E. B. 1788 æ. 19.—Thomas Gannett's wid. Sarah m. a Faxon a. 1656.—Sarah m. Stephen Washburn 1770.—Lydia m. Benjamin Richards a. 1722.


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