FEARING.—Dr. Noah Fearing (s. of Gen. Israel Fearing of Wareham) gra. H. U. 1791, settled in S. B., and married Anne D. of Maj. Isaac Lazell 1799, and had Jane B. L. who married John Fuller of Boston 1819, Thomas, and George.—He d. and the wid. and children removed to Boston.

   This family is descended from John Fearing, who arrived at Hingham in 1638 from Cambridge in England.

   FIELD.1.   John Field (from Providence) settled in W. B. a. 1677; his estate settled 1698; no widow mentioned: he had John 1671, Elizabeth 1673, Richard 1677, Lydia 1679, Daniel 1681, Ruth 1683 and Hannah.—Elizabeth m. Clement Briggs of Easton 1697.—Lydia m. Thomas Manly 1701.

   2.   Capt. John (s. of John 1) m. Elizabeth D. of John Ames 1697, and had Elizabeth 1698, Sarah 1700, Susanna 1702, John 1704.—Sarah m. Jonathan Howard 1719.—Susanna m. Joseph Keith 1721.—Capt. John returned to Providence and was there 1749.

   3.   Richard (s. of John 1) m. Susanna Waldo a. 1704, and had Zebulun 1707, Mary 1709, Richard 1711, Jabez 1713, Ruth 1715, Zobiah 1719, Mercy 1723, and Susanna 1725.—He d. 1725.—Zebulun m. Anna Williams and was in Taunton in 1749.   Ruth m. Israel Packard Jr. 1737.—Mercy m. Archibald Robinson 1747.—Susanna m. Nathan Hartwell 1746.   Mary Field m. Samuel Noyes 1748.

   4.   Daniel (s. of John 1) m. Sarah D. of John Ames 1706, and had Mehitabel 1706, Hannah 1709, Daniel 1712. Job 1714, Sarah 1718, Joseph, Abigail, and Susanna.—Mehitabel m. Edward Manton 1733.—Hannah m. Charles (or John) Beswick 1734.—Abigail made her will and d. single 1750.—Susanna m. Israel Packard 1735.

   5.   John (s. of John 2) m. Mary D. of Ephraim Howard 1726, and had John 1727, and James 1729.—He d. and the wid. settled his estate 1729; she afterwards m. Elisha Pierce of Scituate.

   6.   Jabez (s. of Richard 3) m. Mary D. of Ephraim Fobes 1746, and had Jabez Fobes 1747, Susanna 1748, Richard 1751, William 1753, Ephraim 1755, Daniel 1758, Barzillai 1760, Bethuel 1763, and Waldo; he d. 1804, æ. 92.—Susanna m. Moses Cary 1773.—Fobes and Bethuel lived single.—Waldo went to the westward.

   7.   Daniel (s. of Daniel 4) m. Susanna Thayer 1733, and had Rachel, Anna, and Susanna.—He was a physician; made his will in 1737 [ Note 1 ], and went into the French war, and d. probably at Crown Point.—Anna m. Eleazar Hill 1769.—Susanna m. Capt. Jesse Perkins 1769.

[ Note 1 ]   Daniel executed his will 07-May-1756 and it was proved 11-Jan-1757 [Plymouth Co. Probate Old Series Case #7646 (no file papers); Records 14:374-375, 387-388; 14:440-441].


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