1749.   The father d. before 1764; she, a wid., d. 1764.   Lydia m. Jonathan Benson, Jr., 1774.—Daniel d. 1775 in the army.—Nathan d. 1800, æ. 51.

   3.   John (s. of Samuel 2) m. Eunice, D. of Jonathan Benson, 1766, and had John and Jonathan.

   4.   Samuel (s. of Samuel 1 [Samuel 2]) and his w. Phebe had Betsy, Silvia, Eunice, Stephen and Daniel all bap. in E. B. 1787, Rebeckah 1788.   He d. 1799, æ. 53.

   5.   John (s. of Capt. John of Abington) m. Lydia Hearsey 1779, and lived in E. B., and had Deborah 1780, John 1782, Noah 1790, Lydia 1795, Charlotte 1800.   Deborah m. Eli Blanchard 1798.—Lydia m. Sullivan Dunbar 1817.—Charlotte m. Oran Reed Reed [sic] 1817.—Noah m. Alice Hearsey 1816.

   6.   John (s. of John 3) m. Lucy Holmes of Plymouth 1792, and had John Constant, Ward, and others.   One D. m. Jotham Dumphy.—John Constant m. Nancy Bates 1813.

   7.   Samuel (of S. B.) m. Silence, D. of Jabez Fuller probably, 1792, and had Lucia 1793, Jabez 1795, Thomas 1797, Harriet 1800, Rhoda 1802, Albert 1806.   His w. d. 1816, and he m. Lydia Wade of Halifax, 1819.—Lucia m. Benj. Hayward Keith 1819.—Harriet m. Carver Washburn.—Jabez m. Sarah, D. of Captain Simeon Pratt.

   8.   John (s. of John 5) m. Jane, (or Jenny), D. of Peleg Stetson, 1803, and had Clarissa 1804, Salome 1806, Nahum 1808, Peleg Stetson 1810, Jane 1812, Maria 1814.

   9.   Thomas (s. of Samuel of A.) m. Mehitabel Harden 1811, and had Sarah 1812, Nancy White 1815.

   Wid. Martha Harding d. 1633, leaving a son.—John Harding at Duxbury 1643.—Joseph Harding took the oath of fidelity at Eastham 1657.—Mary of Pem. (now Hanson) m. Jesse Hayward of Halifax 1763.—Sarah m. Matthew Allen 1734.—Hannah m. Christopher Sever 1771.—Reuben m. Rebecca Harden 1782, and had a son Seth.—Harlow m. Sarah Stetson 1795.—Mary Harden m. John Cary 1741.—Timo. Harding m. Sarah Stone 1793.—Sally m. Solomon Ames 2d 1794.—Willis m. Elizabeth Hobart 1802.—Nancy m. Thomas White 1703.—Betsy m. Lewis Brown 1806.—Wid. Betsy m. Enos Cox 1808.—Isabella m. Thos. White 1810.—Calvin m. Roxana Hatch 1813.—Zenas m. Sally Gannett 1815.—Mehitabel m. Daniel Harden, Jr., 1819.—Abraham m. Ruth Perry 1740.

   HARLOW.—Wm. Harlow was in Bridgewater 1742, and Capt. William Harlow's family are there now; he was from Plymouth.

   HARRIS.—Arthur Harris, one of the original purchasers and proprietors of Bridgewater and among the first settlers in W. B. was at Duxbury as early as 1640.—He d. in Boston having made


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