13.   Maj. Benjamin (s. of Benjamin 10) m. Sarah, D  of Col. Edward Mitchell 1791, and lived in Boston; he d. at E. B. 1828, æ. 63; she d. 1839, æ. 80.—They had no children.

   14.   John (s. of Benjamin 10) m. Eunice, D. of John Young 1795, and had Lucy, Lydia 1802, Samuel 1810; she d. 1811, æ. 36; and he m. Rebecca Wood of Halifax 1811; he died 1829, æ. 58.

   15.   Azor, Esq. (s. of Arthur 11) m. Sarah Shaw of M. 1813, and had Esther, and Arthur.—Esther m. Galen Latham, Jr.

   16.   Dea. William (s. of Deacon William 12) m. Mary W. D. of Winslow Thomas 1819, and had Benjamin Winslow 1823, Lucia, and William.

   17.   Joseph Harris (probably s. of Samuel 4) and his wife Hannah; she was bap. in East Bridgewater 1736; had Hannah, bap. 1737, and Abigail bap. 1739.—He probably went to M. as Joseph Harris appeared there in 1743 and 1770.

   John Harris m. Mary Torrey 1743, both of M.—Sarah m. James Hayward, Jr., 1750.—Anne m. Joseph Leach 1736.—Alice m. James Powell 1742.   Most of these may have been descendants of the first or 2d Samuel, who probably went to Plympton with the Newland family, and thence they spread into M.—Lucy m. Samuel Boyden 1806

   HARTWELL.—Samuel Hartwell d. 1760, leaving Nathan, Jonas, and Sarah, perhaps, who m. Joseph Carver 1746, Hannah, Silence, and perhaps others.—Hannah m. Nath'l Reynolds, Esq., 1739.—Silence m. Robert Keith 1763.

   2.   Nathan (s. of Samuel 1) m. Susanna D. of Richard Field 1746, and had Mary 1753, Daniel 1755, Susanna 1758; his wife d. and he m. Betty Cushman 1761, and Sarah Bonney of Pembroke 1762, and had Nathan 1765, b. in E.—Mary m. Abner Shirley 1781.—Susanna m. Asa Keith 1780.—Nathan m. Sally Ripley of Plympton 1789.

   3.   Jonas (s. of Samuel 1) and his wife Ruhama had Isaac 1752, Samuel 1755, Jonas 1761, after his father's death; the wid. m. Josiah Snell, Jr., 1763.—Jonas gra. at Dartmouth 1787 and settled at Kittery in the ministry 1791.

   4.   Maj. Daniel (s. of Nathan 2) m. Mahitabel, D. of Jonathan Copeland 1779, and had Betty 1783, Daniel 1785, Ephraim 1787, Lentha 1789, Udotia 1791, Polly 1794, Lucy 1796, George 1799.

   Daniel m. Irene, D. of Zebulun Willis 1817, and had a son Charles 1818; she d. 1818, and he m. Mary Soper 1821.—Lentha m. Daniel Richards 1812.—Polly m. Zeba Richards 1817.

   5.   Isaac (s. of Jonas 3) m. Abigail, D. of Maj. Daniel Lathrop 1775, and had Isaac, Jonas, Ruhama, John.

   Ruhama m. David Harvey 1821.—John m. Lucinda, D. of Nathan Howard 1801.—Hannah m. Alfred Howard 1799.—


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