thy m. Sarah Billings 1817.—Huldah m. Asa Perkins 1815, his mother was a Morse.—Sally W. m. Simeon Perkins.

   71.   Ansel (s. of Thomas 47) m. Huldah, D. of Thos. Johnson 1807, and had Ansel Alonzo 1808, Harriet Ann 1810, Lorenzo Thomas 1812, John Elbridge 1814, Lucy Maria 1815, and went to Belchertown, and writes his name Howard.

   72.   Azariah (s. of Azariah 56) m. Silvia, wid. of Silvanus Conant, and D. of John Conant 1798, and had Tempe 1799, Anna 1800, Chloe 1803, Marshall 1804, and went to Me.

   73.   Walter (s. of Amos 58) m. Ruth, D. of old John Alden of M. 1793, and had Alden 1798, Loisa 1801, Franklin 1802, Thos. Jefferson 1804, Walter 1808, he d. 1838.   One s. m. a D. of Thomas Mitchell.

   74.   John Ripley (s. of Amos 58) m. Nabby Robinson 1801, and Clarissa Robinson of M. 1802, and had Nabby Robinson 1802, Clarissa Robinson 1803, Emily 1807.

   75.   Constant (s. of Robert 60) m. Hannah Snow, wid. of Josiah Keen and D. of Ezra Whitman 1808, and had Henrietta 1809, Harriet Whitman 1812.

   76.   Asaph (s. of Joseph 61) m. Polly Drake of Easton 1791, and had Asaph 1793, Olive 1794, Joseph 1796, Laura Azel 1801, Edwin and Emmy 1803.   This family removed to Waybridge, Vt.

   77.   Ira (s. of Waldo 65) m. Sarah, D. of Josiah Edson, 1806, and had Otis 1806, Ambrose 1810, Sumner Augustus 1812, Julia 1814, Sarah Reliance 1818; his wife d. 1819, and he m. wid. Susanna Fish 1820, and removed to Kingston.

   78.   Edward (see Edward 18) m. Parnel, D. of James Howard 1805, and had Eliza 1806, Rhoda 1808, Susanna 1810, Edward 1812, Vesta 1815; his w. d. 1818.

   James Hayward Jr. m. Sarah Harris 1751.—Martha m. Joseph Perkins 1761.—Jonathan Hayward, or Howard, of E. m. Sarah, D. of Timothy Leach, 1762.—Olive Hayward m. Jeremiah Leach 1776.—Olive m. Joseph Fobes of E. 1780.—Oliver m. Tabitha Howard of St., 1786.—Adah m. Jedediah Willis of E. 1802.—Bethiah m. Backus Leach 1804.—Benjamin m. Philibert Leonard of Mid'o 1807.—Ansel of Boston m. Lucinda Tolman 1812.—Lydia m. Nathan Richards 1813.—Silas m. Mary Thayer 1779.

   HEARSEY.—1.   William Hearsey (s. of William and Abigail (Tirrell) of Abington, born 1719) settled in East Bridgewater, m. Lydia Gurney of Abington and had Stephen 1751, William 1753, Lydia and Deborah 1762.—The father d. 1816, æ. 97.—Lydia m. John Harden 1779.

   2.   Stephen (s. of William 1) and his w. Polly, had David, Jacob, Nathaniel, Dorothy, Mehitabel, and Relief.—David m. a


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