HOOPER.—John Hooper and his w. Sarah, D. perhaps of John Harden, had Nathaniel 1703, Sarah 1705, James 1708, and perhaps others born before they came to this town.   Sarah m. Stephen Leach 1725, and afterwards Ebenezer Snow perhaps 1737.—His estate was settled 1709, and the wid. Sarah m. Francis Wood 1710.—John, Thomas, and William below, were probably his ss.; and Elizabeth, who m. Enoch Leonard 1707, and Ruth, who m. John Bolton, Jr., 1710, might have been his sisters.

   2. John (s. of John 1) m. Elizabeth, D. of Nathaniel or John Packard [She was d. of John - see Packard's Progress 19:7], 1722, and had John 1725, Winslow 1729, Hezekiah 1732, Joseph 1735, Rebecca 1738; his will 1741, her's 1742 and she made her brother Joseph Packard, Exor.—Rebecca m. Dea. Joseph Copeland 1760.—Winslow with his friend Timothy Mitchell were both lost at sea in youth.

   3. Thomas (s. probably of John 1) m. Sarah, D. of Nathaniel, Sam'l, or John Packard [She was d. of John - see Packard's Progress 19:7], 1722, and had [Anna, 1727/28 (East Bridgewater VR 69)], Sarah 1730, [Mary, 1733 (East Bridgewater VR 69)], Thomas 1737, John 1739, Jerusha 1743; these were all bap. in E. B.—Thomas m. Deborah Cushman of Halifax 1761, and she afterwards m. Wm. Dunham 1781.—John m. Sarah Pool 1766, and d. 1807, æ. 67, without children.—Jerusha m. Robert Latham 1778, and afterwards Jacob Mitchell 1791, and d. 1829, æ. 85; she had no children by either husband.—Sarah m. Stephen Leach, perhaps 1749.

   4. William (s. probably of John 1) m. Lois Thomas of Mid'o and had William, Thomas 1731, Lois 1733, Elisha 1736, Susanna 1740, David 1743, Luther 1746, Calvin 1749.   His estate was divided among the heirs 1757.   Thomas m. a White, and afterwards Ebenezer Ames' widow, but had no children.—Lois m. Jona. Cary 1754.—Elisha went to Stockbridge.

   5. Nathaniel (s. of John 1) and his w. Elizabeth had Elizabeth 1729, Mary 1731, Patience 1732, Nathaniel 1735, Sarah 1737.   Mary m. Zephaniah Keith 1750.—Nathaniel m. Elizabeth Bryant of M. 1762.

   6. James (s. of John 1) m. Mary, D. of Isaac Johnson 1737, and had James, Milicent, Abihail.   He d. 1784, æ. 76.   Milicent m. Daniel Keith 1766.—Abihail m. Solomon Pratt 1767.

   7. John (s. of John 2) m. Sarah Cowing 1746, and had John 1747, Sarah 1749; his will 1750.   Sarah m. Thomas Lawrence 1769, and afterwards Capt. Barney of Taunton.

   8. Hezekiah (s. of John 2) m. Elizabeth, D. of Solomon Leonard, 1758, and had Elizabeth, Winslow, Joseph, Hezekiah; she d. 1799, æ. 62; and he m. Hannah, wid. of Timothy Conant, 1803; she was a Blackman.   Elizabeth m. Benjamin Conant 1782.—Hezekiah gra. H. U. 1789, and settled in the ministry at Boylston, and d. single 1795.


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