[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Howard family]

   9.   Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 4) m. Abigail Tisdale, and had George 1722, Theophilus 1724, Ephraim 1731, Abigail 1733, Susanna 1736, Martha 1739, Mary 1741.—The mother d. 1758.—Abigail m. Edward Lathrop 1752.—Mary m. David Lathrop 1762.—Susanna m. Capt. John Ames 1759.—Martha m. Capt. Zebedee Snell 1761 [Nathan Willis 1757. Snell perhaps m. Martha, D. of Joshua Howard, No. 113 [13]—m. 1761 (423)].

   10.   Daniel, Esq. (s. of Ephraim 4) m. Damaris, D. of Thos. Williams of Taunton 1724; she was born 1698; he was also one of the first settlers in N. B., and was a man of great respectability and represented the town many years, and had Mary 1727, Barnabas 1730, and Silence.—He d. 1779, æ. 80.—Mary m. Col. Simeon Cary 1754.—Silence m. Col. Josiah Hayden 1763.

   11.   David (s. of Ephraim 4) m. Bethiah, D. of Samuel Leonard of Taunton, and had David 1728, Phebe 1730, Simeon 1733, Bethiah 1735, Eliakim 1739, Mary 1742, Catharine 1744.—She d. 1746; he 1751, æ. 47.—Phebe d. 1803.—Mary m. Eliphalet Phillips 1763, and afterwards Seth Harris, and d. 1816.—Catharine m. Nathaniel Southworth 1762.   The w. of Mr. David Howard dis. from Scituate ch. to W. B. 1749; a 2d w. probably.

   12.   Jonathan (s. of Jona. 5) m. Sarah, D. of John Field 1719, and had Nathan 1720, Charity 1721, Susanna 1724, Sarah 1726, Jonathan 1729, Amy 1734.—Charity m. Benjamin Pierce of Scituate 1742; who m. Jane, D. of Dea. Thomas Hayward 1750, for his 2d wife.—Susanna m. Col. Edward Howard 1745.—Sarah m. Capt. Adams Bailey 1746.—Amy m. Jeremiah Belcher 1756, and d. a wid. 1812.

   13.   Joshua (s. of Jonathan 5) m. Susanna, D. of John Hayward, Jr., 1724, and had Anne 1725, Thankful 1728, Martha 1735, Matilda 1737.—This family lived in or near Easton.

   14.   Ebenezer (s. of Jonathan 5) and his wife Catherine had Silence 1736, Mehitabel 1746.—He d. 1786; his will 1784.—Silence m. Eliphalet Leonard of Easton 1755.—Mehitabel m. Libeus Fobes 1775.

   15.   Seth (s. of Jonathan 5) m. Mary, D. of Thomas Ames 1735, and had Mary 1738, Jesse 1740, Susanna 1742, Betty 1749, Ebenezer 1752.   She d. 1758.   Mary m. Capt. Eliakim Howard 1759.—Susanna m. Elijah Snell 1760.—Betty m. Joseph Ford 1769.

   16.   Dr. Abiel (s. of Jonathan 5) gra. H. U. 1729, and m. Silence, D. of Nehemiah Washburn, and had Silence 1738, Nehemiah 1740, Jane 1742, John 1743, Daniel 1746, Charity 1748, Ann 1750, Joshua 1751.—Silence m. Dr. Philip Bryant 1757.—Jane m. Ebenezer Ames 1763.—Charity not m.—Ann m. Jacob Foster of Me. 1776.—Joshua lived in Easton and m. Priscilla Capen of Stoughton 1776.

   17.   Henry (s. of Jonathan 5) m. Mary, D. of Maj. Edward Howard 1733, and lived in Easton and had Mary 1734, Elijah,


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