[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Howard family]

m. Jabez Woodman of New Gloucester, Me., 1810.—Cyrus m. Silvia, D. of Col. Caleb Howard 1809, and afterwards Abi D. of Wm. Edson, and she d. 1839.—Sidney m.Sally, D. of Samuel Alden 1815, and Sally Littlefield of St. 1820.—Polly m. Amos Whiting 1810.

   23.   George (s. of Ephraim 9) m. Abigail, D. of Jona. Copeland 1745, and had Hannah 1746, Abigail 1748, Betty 1751, George 1753, Oliver 1755, Job 1758, Caleb 1760, Rachael 1763, Patty 1765, Asaph 1768, Nehemiah 1770, and Polly.   She d. 1809; he 1815, æ. 93.—Hannah m. Daniel Lathrop 1764.—Abigail m. Timothy Ames 1778.—Betty m. Edmund Lathrop of Easton 1774.—Rachael m. Israel Alger 1785.—Patty m. Azel Kinsley 1785.—Oliver went to Easton.—Job m. Hannah Capen of Dor. 1781.—Polly m. David Bartlett 1796.

   24.   Theophilus (s. of Ephraim 9) m. Susanna, D. of John Lathrop 1747, and had Susanna 1748, John 1753, Molly 1755, Theophilus 1758, Sarah 1762, Mark 1764, Abigail and Tisdale 1769.—Susanna m. Josiah Lathrop perhaps 1785 [Susanna who m. Lathrop, was not this woman, but a D. of Capt. Jona. Howard No. 31 (423)].—Molly m. Benjamin Pettingill, perhaps, of Easton 1773.—Sarah m. Daniel Alger 1781.—Abigail m. Ephraim Howard, Jr., perhaps 1786.—Mark m. Martha, D. of Daniel Alger 1788.—Tisdale m. Chloe, D. of Daniel Alger 1791.—Theophilus m. Bathsheba Keith of Easton 1778.

   25.   Ephraim (s. of Ephraim 9) m. Hannah, D. of Nathaniel Brett 1753, and had Ann 1753, Sarah 1755, Rebecca 1759, Abigail 1761, Ephraim 1764, Eliab 1765, Nathaniel 1771, Lemuel 1773.—Ann m. George Williams 1773.—Sarah m. Abiel Kinsley 1777.—Abigail m. a Randall, perhaps, 1778.

   26.   Barnabas, Esq., (s. of Daniel 10) m. Mehitabel, D. of Seth Packard 1755, and had Vesta 1755, Damaris 1757, Oliver 1758, Daniel 1759, Jonas 1763, Mehitabel 1765, Gideon 1767, Lois 1769.   He d. 1813, æ. 84.   Vesta m. Daniel Howard, Esq. 1773.—Damaris m. Capt. John French 1779.—Mehitable m. John Wales 1789.—Lois m. Nathan Keith 1786.

   27.   David (s. of David 11) m. Keziah, D. of Thomas Ames 1751, and had David 1753, Amasa 1756, Abiel 1760, after his father's death; she m. Jotham Ames 1767, and d. 1768.

   28.   Simeon S. T. D. and A. A. S. (s. of David 11) gra. H. U. 1758, and settled in the ministry at Boston 1767, and m. Elizabeth wid. of Dr. Jona. Mahew 1771; (she was a Clarke) and had a son John Clarke, who gra. H. U. 1790, and settled in Boston, as a physician, and m. a Swan, and had a s. John Clarke gra. H. U. 1825.

   29.   Capt. Eliakim (s. of David 11) m. Mary, D. of Seth Howard 1759, and had Silvia 1761, Eliakim 1763, Keziah 1765, Molly 1767, Simeon 1770, Martha 1772, Alpheus 1775, Susanna 1776, Sarah 1778, John 1780, Uriel 1781.—Silvia m. Ebenezer


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