[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Howard family]

Gideon m. Sibil, D. of John Harris of A. 1811.—Austin m. Abig. Crane of St 1819.—Martha m. Daniel H. Cary 1812.—Adelilne m. Samuel Harris of A. 1815.—Lucy m. Lot Blanchard of St. 1817.—Mary m. Zion Packard.

   58.   David (s. of David 27) m. Molly, D. of Jonathan Kingman 1778, and had Molly 1781, Keziah 1783, Azubah 1786, Hannah 1789, Sally 1791*.   His wife d. and he m. Rebecca, D. of Nathan Whitman 1791, and had David 1792, Huldah 1794, Algernon Sidney 1796.   He then removed to Tamworth, N. H., and had three wives more, viz.: wid. Abigail, late wife of Wm. Snell and D. of Eleazar Alden, Miss Roberts, and another wid.—Azubah m. Ford Whitman, Esq.

   59.   Capt. Amasa (s. of David 27) m. Molly, D. of Capt. Eliakim Howard, 1783, and had Katy 1784, Arabella 1787, Adonis 1795, Amasa 1797.   He d. and his widow m. Jonathan Howard 1798.—Katy m. Mark Lathrop, Jr., 1805.—Arabella m. Benjamin Eaton of Boston, 1805.—Adonis was a Preacher of the New Jerusalem, Ch.

   60.   Abiel (s. of David 27 [Nathan 64 (423)]) m. Keziah, D. of Samuel Bartlett, 1798 and had Jantha 1799, Lewis 1802.

   61.   Simeon (s. of Capt. Eliakim 29) m. Hannah, D. of Sam'l Bartlett, 1794, and had Harrison 1794, Maria 1797, David 1800, Ansel 1803.   She d. 1805, and he m. Bathsheba, D. of Ephraim Jackson 1807, and had Hannah Bartlett 1809.

   62.   Alpheus (s. of Capt. Eliakim 29) m. Sally, D. of Capt. Leavitt Thayer, 1803, and had Nancy 1805, Thomas 1807, Jane 1810, Leavitt T. 1813, Lewis 1816.

   63.   Uriel (s. of Capt. Eliakim 29) m. Lucy Barnes 1816, and had James 1816, Lucy 1818.

   64.   Nathan (s. of Nathan 30) m. Susanna, D. of Henry Howard of Easton, and had Abiel 1771, Nathan 1772, Alfred 1774, Reul 1776, Lewis 1778, Lucinda 1780, Jane 1782, Bezaliel 1785, Phebe 1787, Cyril 1789; he d. 1833, æ. 87.—Nathan m. Lydia Copeland 1799, and went to Winthrop.—Lucinda m. John Hartwell 1801.

   65.   Jonathan (s. of Nathan 30) m. Martha, D. of Nathan Willis, 1774, and had Anne 1777, Edwin 1779, Jennet 1783, Charles 1786, Sarah 1788, Sophia 1790, Jonathan 1805.—Anne m. Daniel Crane, Esq., 1801.—Sarah m. Ichabod Macomber of Easton 1806.—Sophia m. Nathaniel S. Spooner, Esq., of New Bedford 1812.

   66.   Gamaliel (s. of Nathan 30) m. Olive Babbit, D. of James Howard's 2d w. by her first husband, 1775, and had Lucy 1786, Olive 1788, Azel 1791; d. 1813, æ. 22.—Lucy m. Nathan Church 1810, and d. 1813.—Olive m. Capt. Benjamin B. Howard 1810.

   67.   Bezaliel S. T. D. and A. A. S. (s. of Nathan 30) gra. H. U. 1781, and settled in the ministry at Springfield 1784, and there


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