Major Seth Johnson and family (from Boston; originally from Kingston) lived awhile in E. B., where he d. 1826, æ. 67.—Wm. Johnson of Taunton m. wid. Mary Owen 1782.—Mason Johnson m. Elizabeth Fuller 1790.—Mary Johnson of Kingston m. Capt. Abisha Stetson 1821.

   JONES.—Capt. Asa Jones (s. of Nathan Jones of Raynham) settled in North Bridgewater, m. Rachel, D. of Jeremiah Beal 1792, and had Nathan, Rosseter, Augustus, Asa, Sally; his wife d. and he m. Charity, D. of Mark Perkins 1806.—Nathan m. Lucia, D. of Robert Howard 1820.—Rosseter m. a Marshall.—Sally m. John Thompson 1819.

   Simeon Jones of Pembroke m. Susanna, D. of Capt. Levi Washburn 1803, and his sons John and Simeon live in E. B.—Joseph Jones m. Elizabeth Eames 1787.—Nancy Jones m. Eleazar Carver 2d 1787.—Freeman Jones m. Nabby Leach 1792.—Polly Jones m. Isaac Whiting 1804.—Lurana Jones of Pembroke m. Joel Edson, his 2d wife, 1820.—Samuel Jones m. Nabby Benson 1811.

   JOSLYN.—1.   Joseph Joslyn of Bridgewater (that part probably which is now Abington) m. Sarah Ford 1702; his will dated 1726; his ss. Joseph, Ebenzer, 1709, Abraham 1716; Ds. Hannah, Beatrice, Mary, Sarah, 1703.—Joseph was absent and his legacies and bequests were on condition he should return.—Joseph the father d. 1726; Sarah, the mother, d. 1734.

   2.   Ebenezer (s. of Joseph 1) m. Esther Hearsey 1733, and had Mary 1733, Sarah 1735*, Sarah 1736.

   3.   Abraham (s. of Joseph 1) m. Rebecca Tirrell 1741, and had Joseph 1742.

   4.   Joseph Joslyn settled in East Bridgewater near Hanson and Halifax, and m. Deborah, D. of John Hatch 1785, and had Deborah Hatch, Earl, Cyrus.—Deborah H. m. Marcus Howe 1813.—Earl m. Anne Brewster 1814.—Cyrus m. a D. of Micah White, Jr.

   Rebecca of Pem. m. Bezer Ames 1791.—Eunice of Pem. m. Dea. Joseph Kingman 1791.

   KEEN.—1.   Lemuel Keen (from Pembroke) lived awhile in E. B.; had Jane, Josiah, Charles, Samuel, and Meribah.—Jane m. Matthew Allen 1786.—Meribah m. Bradford Mitchell, his 2d w. 1801.

   2.   Josiah (s. of Lemuel 1) m. Hannah S., D. of Ezra Whitman 1792, and had Calvin Whitman bap. 1795, and Hannah Shaw bap. 1800, after her father's death; the wid. m. Constant Hayward 1808.—Calvin W. m. Jane, D. of Hugh Orr 1812, and had Mary Bass, Calvin Whitman, and Isabella Orr, and d. 1824 æ. 31.—Hannah S. m. Hugh Orr, Jr.

   3.   Charles (s. of Lemuel 1) m. Celia, D. of Cushing Mitchell 1802, and had Warren, d. 1827, æ. 25, Maria Newton, and Lu-


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