[Thanks to Dianna Fisher for transcribing the Keith Family]

   75.   Ambrose (s. of Maj. James 56) m. Catherine D. of Nathaniel Southworth 1796, and had Cassander Dodge 1797, Omen Southworth 1799, Clifford 1801.   He lived in Halifax.   Cassander D. m. Mary Darling of M. 1816.—Clifford m. Arethusa D. probably of Oliver Harris of St. 1820.

   76.   Isaac of Easton (s. of Josiah 24) m. Mary Randall, and had Howe, Isaac, and Lusanna.   He d. 1773, and she m. Capt. Simeon Wood of S. B. 1774.—Lusanna m. Jacob Tomson of Halifax 1795.

   77.   Isaac (s. of Isaac 76) m. Joanna wid of Adam Besse, and D. of Dea. Seth Pratt 1797, and had Edwin, Philo, Asa, Pamelia, Marietta, and Harriet.   Edwin m. Saba D. of Joseph Hooper.—Philo m. Caroline D. of Maj. Theodore Mitchell.—Pamelia m. Abram Washburn 2d. 1822.

   78.   Howe (s. of Isaac 76) m. Martha D. of Benjamin Hayward 1795, and had Benjamin Hayward 1795, Alexis 1797, Isaac 1799, Sally 1800, Jacob 1803, Polly 1804, Albertina 1810, Howe 1814.   Benjamin Hayward m. Lucia D. of Samuel Harden 1719.

   79.   Mitchell (s. of Caleb 41) m. Salome D. of Major Isaac Lazell 1811, and had Thomas Mitchell 1811, James Drances 1815, d. 1834.   The mother d. 1838, and he m. wid. Charlotte Tisdale sister of his first w. 1840.

   80.   Jacob (of Easton probably) m. Abigail D. of David Leach perhaps 1734, and had Abigail 1737, Barnabas 1750.—Barnabas m. Hannah Jackson 1771, and had a son Barnabas.—Jacob Keith m. Elizabeth Ripley 1801.

   Molly m. Geo. Briggs 1768.—Lemuel m. Abihail Lathrop 1768.—Azael m. Olive Edson 1767.—Mary of Easton m. John Dunbar 1768.—Bathsheba D. of Josiah Jr. of Eason m. Theophilus Howard Jr. 1778.—Patience m. Japhet Beal 1770.—Phebe of Easton m. Ebenezer Gilbert 1743.—Keziah m. Moses Eddy 1788.—Francis m. Melinda Holbrook of St. 1800.—Betsey m. Cyrus Snell 1801.—Isaac 5th m. Anna French 1810.—Lemuel of E. m. Anne Keith 1810.—Eliab m. Patience Wood 1813.—Hiram m. wid. Sarah Whitmarsh 1816.—Sally m. Charles Hayward Jr. 1821.

   KEYZER.—George Keyzer from Boston and his wife Elizabeth had Hannah 1720, Abigail 1723, Seth 1727.   The family removed to Easton.—Mary Keyzer m. Isaiah Fuller 1768.—Lydia of E. m. Daniel Keith a. 1753.—Mary of E. m. Henry Kingman Jr. 1761.—Lydia m. Wm. French 1767.

   KIFF.— Thomas Kiff in E. B. m. Mary Bunton 1735, and had John 1736, Mary 1738, Ann 1740.

   KING.—Jabez King m. Mary D. of Timothy Washburn 1753, and had Elizabeth 1755, Daniel 1757, Mary 1761.   Hezekiah King m. Sarah Reed 1712.—Barzillai of Easton m. Betsy


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