m. Lavinia, D. of Barnabas Dunbar, 1818, and settled in St.—Mark m. Katy, D. of Capt. Amasa Howard, 1805, and had Samuel 1806, Catharine 1808, Alma 1810, and went to Millbury.   Spencer m. Bathsheba, D. of Thaddeus Howard, 1812; she d. 1813, and he m. Eleanor White of Millbury 1817.—Betsy m. Samuel Dunbar 1811.—Silvia m. Thaddeus Howard Jr. 1810.

   16.   Zephaniah (s. of Issac 8) m. Sarah, D. of Nathan Packard, 1779, and had Silvia 1779, Oliver 1781, Azel 1783, Zephaniah 1787.   She d. 1790, and he m. Silvia Manly 1791, and had Avery 1792, Sally 1794, Bezer 1796, Perez 1797, Raymond 1799, Rhoda 1801, Olive 1803, Manly 1807.   Oliver m. Hannah Curtis of St. 1803.—Avery m. Hannah, D. of Jacob Dunbar, 1819, and Joanna Bacon of Randolph 1821.—Sally m. George Alger Jr. of E. 1814.—Bezer m. Vesta Cobb of Mansfield 1820.—Perez m. Eliza, D. of Hartwell Keith, 1817.

   17.   Daniel (s. of Maj. Daniel 9) m. Hannah, D. of George Howard, 1764, and had George 1765, Daniel 1767, Thomas 1768, Hannah 1771.   She d. and he m. Lydia, D. of Samuel Willis, 1775, and had Samuel 1777, Sullivan 1778.   His 2d wife d., and he m. Mary, D. of George Turner, 1785, and had Alson; he had other Ds.—Daniel m. Sally Whiting of Attleboro 1787.—Samuel m. Bethiah, D. of Joseph Johnson 1799, and had a s. Daniel who d. 1821.   This family all removed to Me.—George m. Molly, D. of Jeremiah Thayer, 1783, and settled in Leeds, and d. 1839, æ. 74.—Hannah m. Joshua Gilmore 1789.—Daniel Lathrop m. Wid. Abigail Lathrop 1803.

   18.   Seth (s. of Seth 11) m. Abigail, D. of Joseph Bassett, 1784, and had Barzillai, Cyrus, Betsy.   Barzillai d. at sea.—Cyrus m. Mary, D. of Daniel Willis, 1801, and went to Livermore, Me., but returned.—Betsy m. Warren French 1813, and went to Me.

   19.   Josiah (s. of Josiah 12) m. Susanna, D. of Theophilus [dele Theophilus, and insert Capt. Jonathan (423)] Howard, 1785, and had Vesta 1795, Susanna 1798, Josiah 1802, Howard 1804, Edwin 1807, Margaret Nevens 1809.   This family removed to Canada.

   20.   Charles (s. of Josiah 12) m. Rowena, D. of Capt. Jonathan Howard, 1788, and had Phebe Ames 1789, Galen 1791, Charles 1793, Edward 1795, Rowena 1796.   This family also went to Canada.

   21.   Barnabas (s. of Edward 13) m. Sarah, D. of Jonathan Bozworth, 1777, and had Stillman, Barnabas, Edward, Tisdale, Sarah, Betsy; he had a 2d wife Rachel, D. of Samuel Bartlett.   Barnabas m. Rachel Thayer 1813.—Sarah m. John Hearsey 1807.—Betsy m. Bernard Alger of E. 1810.—Edward lives in Boston.

   22.   Simeon (s. of Edward 13) m. Keziah, D. of Isaac Lathrop, 1785, and had Hannah, Keziah.   Simeon m. Peggy Nevens, of Salem 1807.—Keziah m. Ezekiel Wilson of Methuen 1808.


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