23.   Lemuel (s. of Jonathan 14) m. Sarah Reed of E. 1794, and had George Watson 1805.

   24.   Azel (s. of Zephaniah 16) m. Anna Eaton 1805, and had Philenia 1806, Sarah 1807, Silvia 1809, John Eaton 1812.

   25.   Zephaniah (s. of Zephaniah 16) m. Lydia Ripley of Plympton 1812, and had Almon 1815.

   Caleb of E. m. Hannah Ellis 1806.—Celia of E. m. Samuel Short 1806.—Rebecca m. Jno. Snow Jr. 1811.—Hannah R. m. Leonard Alger 1821.   Jacob m. Sarah Snow 1787.—Zenas m. Sally Tower 1788.

   LAWRENCE.—Thomas and Desire Lawrence had Hannah, Sarah, Thomas; he d. 1759.   Hannah m. Capt. Josiah Edson 1760, and Maj. Eliphalet Cary 1782.—Sarah m. Obadiah Eddy 1750.—Thomas m. Sarah, D. of John Hooper 1769.Jonathan m. Rachel Smith 1765.

   LAWSON.—Shurtliff and Millecent (or Milleson) Lawson had Asa Shurtliff 1794.—Sarah Lawson m. Abijah Hill 1749.

   LAZELL.—John Lazell (at Hingham 1647) m. Elizabeth, D. of Stephen Gates, 1649, and had John 1650, Thomas 1653, Joshua 1655, Stephen 1656, Isaac 1660, Mary, Sarah, Hannah 1666, Israel 1671; he d. a. 1695.   Mary m. a Burr.—Sarah m. Peter Ripley 1693.—Hannah m. Turner.—Thomas m. Mary Allen at Duxbury 1685, and settled there, and was afterwards at Plympton, and then at Falmouth, and finally at Windham, Conn.   John, Stephen and Israel remained at Hingham.—Joshua d. 1689; his wid. Mary; he had Elizabeth, Martha, Joshua and Simon.—Simon at Plymouth, and Joshua at Duxbury 1709; Joshua had lived in Mendon where a Joshua Lazell d. 1832, æ. 81.—Simon went to Mid'o, and many of his descendants lived there and in S. B.—Isaac m. Abial (or Abihail), D. of John Leavitt, and d. at Hingham 1690, leaving a son Isaac and a D. Abial; his wid. m. Isaac Johnson, who came to W. B. a. 1700, and brought these two ch. of his wife with him.   This name is variously written in the early records, Lazell, Lascelle, Lessell, Hazell, Hazael, Hassell.   There is reason to believe the name was originally French, and written La Hassell, and thence corrupted to Lassel and Lazell.—John Hassell was made free in Mass. 1637.—Richard Hassell made free 1647.

   1.   Isaac (s. of Isaac and gr. s. of John of Hingham) came to Bridgewater a small boy a. 1700, as above stated.   (His sister Abial also came with him and m. Samuel Lathrop 1710.)   He m. Mary, D. of Daniel Hudson 1719, and had Isaac 1725, John 1727, Hannah 1729, Daniel 1734; he d. before 1766, æ. a. 75.—Hannah m. Nathan Conant 1753.

   2.   Isaac (s. of Isaac 1) m. Bethiah, D. of Joseph Alger, 1748, and had Edmund 1750, Silvanus 1752, Mary 1754, Isaac 1756,


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