[Thanks to Molly Leonard for transcribing the Leonard family]

   4.   John (s. of Solomon 1) and his wife Sarah had John, Enoch, Moses, Josiah, Joseph, and Sarah; he d. 1699.—Sarah m. Thomas Washburn, perhaps, 1708.

   5.   Jacob (s. of Solomon 1); his will 1716, mentions his present wife Susanna; he had Abigail, Susanna, Experience, Mary, Sarah, Solomon, Jacob 1702*; he was warned out 1693; he appeared before in Weymouth and also in Worcester.—Abigail b. at Weymouth 1680, m. Thos. Washburn.—Susanna at Weymouth 1683, m. Ebenezer Hill 1714.—Sarah b. at B. 1699, m. Wm. Orcutt 1721—Jacob, Isaac, and Moses all settled in Worcester as early as 1718.—Moses was a selectman and ensign there 1725.   [To the children of Jacob there mentioned, add Joseph, Josiah, and Jacob.   Joseph m. an Orcutt, and had Ephraim, Joseph 1696, and a D. who m. a Fisher.   Ephraim, (mentioned under No. 7.) had Huldah w. of Josiah Washburn, and perhaps Phebe, who m. Eliab Byram 1741, and several other children; he removed to N. Jersey. (423)]

   6.   Isaac (s. of Solomon 1) and his wife Deliverance had Hannah 1680, and probably Isaac, Deliverance, Joseph, and others.—Isaac m. Mary Randall 1701.—Deliverance. m. Samuel Washburn 1701.—Isaac, the father, conveyed his homestead to his son Joseph 1717, and went to Worcester, perhaps.

   7.   Solomon (s. of Solomon 1), no account of.   There was an Ephraim Leonard in S. B. in 1738, who had several actions in court at that date; whose s. he was is not ascertained.—Martha Leonard m. Ebenezer Eddy of Norton 1734.

   8.   John (s. of John 4) had Seth 1733, Orphah 1735; he had a dis. from W. B. ch. to Sutton 1741.

   9.   Enoch (s. of John 4) m. Elizabeth (D. probably of John) Hooper 1707, and had Enoch 1707, Elizabeth 1719.—Elizabeth Leonard, the mother, perhaps, m. James Washburn 1720.

   10.   Josiah (s. of John 4) m. Marjoram Washburn 1699, and had John, Josiah, Ezekiel, Samuel, Nathan, Elizabeth, Mary, Margene; he m. Abigail, D. of John Washburn 1717; his will 1743.—Mary m. Daniel Harrington of Marlborough 1733.—Margene m. a Pratt.

   11.   Joseph (s. of John 4) m. Hannah, D. of Richard Jennings 1712, and had Joseph and Hannah 1713, Moses 1714, Seth 1715, Timothy 1718, Rebecca 1721, Mehitable 1724, Thankful 1726, Ebenezer 1728.

   12.   Capt. Solomon (s. of Jacob 5) m. Elizabeth, D. of David Perkins, and had Experience 1732, Solomon 1733, Elizabeth, Susanna; he d. 1761.   Experience m. Oliver Alden 1765.—Elizabeth m. Hezekiah Hooper 1758.—Susanna m. Samuel Whitman 1761.

   13.   Wm. Leonard m. Sarah, D. of John Bolton; had Wm. 1710, John 1711, Sarah 1714, James 1716, Samuel 1818 [sic, 1718], Silas 1721, Mercy 1723, Jonathan 1726.—James m. Jemima Heiford perhaps 1737.

   14.   Josiah (s. of Josiah 10) m. Jemima, D. of Josiah Washburn 1740, and had Susanna 1742, Rebecca 1744. Josiah 1745*,


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