[Thanks to Molly Leonard for transcribing the Leonard family]

m. Betsy Leonard 1812.—Polly m. Francis Perkins 1815.—Lucy m. Ira Conant 1818.—Keziah, D. of Jonathan of M. m. Simeon W. Mitchell 1819.—Arza m. Louisa Maria White 1820.—Clarinda m. Henry W. Pratt 1821.—Seth m. Charlotte Dean 1821.   Wid. Ann m. David Pratt 1738.—Lydia m. Joseph Pratt 1712.

   James Leonard of Taunton had Thomas, James, and a D. Hannah born at Braintree 1671; he and his brother Henry came from Pontepool in Wales and settled in Braintree as early as 1652, and thence went to Taunton, and Henry afterwards went to N. Jersey; whether connected with Solomon or not is not ascertained.

  LINCOLN.—Nehemiah Lincoln (s. of Ezekiel of Abington) m. Kezia D. of Dea. James Packard 1748, and lived in N. B. and d. 1818, æ. 91.

   2.   Gideon (s. of Ezekiel 2d of Abington, brother of Nehemiah above) was adopted by his uncle Nehemiah, and had his estate and settled in N. B.; m. Martha, D. of Luke Perkins 1781, and had Nehemiah 1782, Mehitable 1784, Keziah 1785, Ruel 1787, Charles 1788*, d. 1794, Martha 1789, Content 1791*, Roxana 1792, Triphena 1792, Charles 1795, Luke, Serena.—Capt. Nehemiah m. Martha, D. of Simeon Packard 1802.—Mehitahel m. Japhet Beals of Augusta 1803.—Keziah m. Bela Curtis 1803.   Martha m. Benjamin Gardner of Augusta 1806.—Serena m. Ziba Bisbee 1814.—Charles m. Rebecca Wood Porter 1816, and went to E.—Luke m. a White.

   4. [sic]   Ruel (s. of Gideon 2) m. Eunice, D. of John Willis 1804, and had Roxana 1805*, Charles 1807, Isaac 1809, Elbridge 1810, Emeline 1813*, Eliza 1815.   He settled in E. B.

   William of T. m. Hannah Wade 1751.—Hannah of Scituate m. Perez Howard 1795.— Susanna of Hingham m. John Mitchell 1795.—Rufus m. Lucy Ellis 1804.—Deborah of Hingham m. Artemas Hale, Esq., 1815.

   LINDSAY.—Thomas Lindsay lived in W. B. and m. Elizabeth D. of William Turner 1745, and had William 1747, Mary 1749, Hannah 1752, James 1755, Thomas 1758.—James m. but had no children.—Thomas m. Thankful Baily 1786.

   Mary m. Nathaniel Ames 1734.—Lurania m. Martin Howe 1820.—Betsy d. 1815.—John m. Abigail, D., perhaps, of Samuel Washburn 1735.—James m. Hannah Turner 1744.

   LITTLEFIELD.—Daniel Littlefield m. Rebecca, D. of Josiah Williams 1732, and had Edmund 1733, Mary 1734, Daniel 1737, Rebecca 1739, Bethiah 1742, Martha 1744*, Seth 1746, Susanna 1747, Martha 1750, Reuben 1753*, Silence 1754, Adam 1758.

   Daniel Littlefield and his wife Rachel had Ralph 1760*; she d. 1760, and he m. Catharine, D. of Joseph Cole 1762, and had Rachel 1762, Catharine 1764, Josiah 1765, Waldo 1768.   Mary m. David Wade 1756.—Susanna m. Edward Keith of Easton 1765.—Martha m. Luke Keith of Easton 1768.


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