42.   Daniel, Esq., (s. of Nathan 22) m. Eunice, D. of Edward Mitchell 1795, and had Philo 1803, Eunice 1805, Daniel 1807, Bela 1809, Mary Ann 1815*.—Eunice m. William Dunbar.

   43.   Josiah W. Esq., (s. of Jacob 24) m. Sally, D. of Oakes Angier, Esq., and settled as an Attorney in Freeport, Me., and had Susan A., Harriet Lavinia, and Josiah Angier.   His w. d. and he m. Elizabeth, wid. of Elisha P. Cutler, Esq., her maiden name Delano, and had Victor Moreau, Ezekiel Whitman, Fred'k, Lucia, and Sarah Elizabeth.

   44.   Silvanus L., Esq., (s. of Nahum 31) gra. H. U. 1817, and m. Lucia, D. of Hon. Ezekiel Whitman of Portland, 1820, and had Lucia W. 1821*, Helen McLeod 1822, Julia Willis 1826*, Edward Cushing 1829, Hannah Whitman 1832*, Morton Davis 1834, Alice Bradford 1837*.

   There was a John Mitchell in Marshfield 1825, æ. 85, whose father John came from old York, Me.; his grandfather was killed by the Indians;   "his father told him he was related to the Mitchells in Bridgewater"; he has several children and grand children in and about Marshfield.

   William (an Englishman and Iron Founder) came over within a few years with his wife and had William*, John, Henry; his wife d. and he m. Susanna, D. of Asa Forrist 1821, (her mother was Susanna, D. of Seth Mitchell 13) and has William, and Hannah Hall.

   MONRO.—Alexander Monro with his wife Mary Hutchinson m. 1775, lived many years in East Bridgewater; he was a Scotchman; they had several children, viz.: David 1777, Jennet 1779, William 1781, Eunice 1785, Jane 1788, and Mary 1771, and Nancy, both by a former wife; his first wife d. 1774, æ. 40.

   Matthias Munroe, Rector of Episcopal Ch., d. in S. B. 1836. æ. 51.—Daniel Munroe lived in E. B., and Henry Munroe m. Deborah Delano 1800, lived in S. B.; both from Hanson.—Daniel's wife d. 1832, æ. 70.

   MOORE.—Theodosius Moore m. Sarah, D. of John Prior 1725, and had Thomas 1726, John 1731; he d. and his widow m. Josiah Hayward 1738.—Catherine Moore m. James Bradley 1759.—Ann Moore m. Joseph Prior, and afterwards Jas. Allen.

   2.   Thomas (s. of Theodosius 1) m. Mary Hamlin 1746, and had Mary 1746, John 1748, Sarah 1750*, Sarah 1751*, Isaac 1753, Thomas 1756, Samuel 1758, Betty 1760*, Theodosius 1763, Betty 1767, Sarah 1769.   Both of these families lived in that part of B. that is now in Hanson.—George Moore of Burlington m. Olive Sanger 1815.

   MORSE.—Asa Morse m. Sally (or Susanna) McFarling 1815, and had Asa 1816, Susanna 1818, Edwin 1821, Obadiah 1823, James 1825.—Sihon Morse of Stoughton m. Polly Ripley 1804.


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