262 ORR.  

[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Orcutt family]

   18.   Moses (s. of Dea. Ephraim 13) and his wife Deborah had Deborah 1812, Thomas 1814, Julia Ann 1816, Charles 1818, Amanda 1820.

   Lydia Orcutt m. David Noyes 1811.—Mary Orcutt m. Samuel Holmes 1793.—Susanna m. John Edson 3d 1785.

   ORR.Hon. Hugh Orr (s. of Robert Orr of Lochwinioch, Shire of Renfrew, Scotland), was born 2d Jan. 1715, O. S. Mar's year, Hansel Monday, and came to America 7th June, 1740, and settled in E. B. and m. Mary, D. of Capt. Jonathan Bass, Aug. 24, 1742, and had Robert 1745, Jennet 1748, Mary 1750, Susanna 1752, Jane 1755*, Bethiah 1757, Margaret 1758, Bathsheba 1761, Matilda 1763*, Hugh 1766; he d. Dec. 6, 1798, æ. 82, she July 27, 1804, æ. 80.—Jennet m. Cushing Mitchell 1765.—Mary m. Stephen Whitman 1767.—Susanna m. Doct. Josiah Otis 1772.—Bethiah m. Anthony Winslow Clift 1777.—Bathsheba m. Solomon Inglee of Halifax 1783, and d. 1833.—Margaret d. single 1837, æ. 79.

   There was a Hugh Orr came afterward from Scotland; m. Agnes Corbett 1771, and went to 9 Partners, so called, N. Y.

   2.   Col. Robert (s. of Hugh 1) m. Hannah, D. of David Kingman, 1766, and had Susanna* and Jane 1768, Hector 1770, Robert Boyd 1772, Montgomery 1776, Noble 1780.—Jane m. John Boyd of N. Y. 1791; she d. in 1833.—Montgomery was in a battle on the Lakes, and d. of his wounds at Boston after his return.—Noble settled in Georgia as a Physician, and d. young, leaving one or more children.—Col. Orr and his wife both d. at Springfield, where he was Master Armorer in the U. S. works; he d. 1811, æ. 65.

   3.   Hugh (s. of Hugh 1) m. Sivia, only D. of Jacob Mitchell 1785, and had Thomas, John Love 1787, Isabella 1789, d. 1816 æ. 27, Jane 1792, Robert 1794, Jennet 1796, Hugh 1798, Silvia 1800, Ralph 1802*, Wilson 1804, Melville 1806, Oliver Mitchell 1810.—Jane m. Calvin W. Keen 1812.—Jennet m. John Gilson of Lynn.—Silvia m. Hodijah Robinson.—Wilson went to Singsing, N. Y. m. and had a D.—Melville m. Sally Tower of R. and had Sarah Jane.—Oliver is m. and lives in E. B.

   4.   Dr. Hector (s. of Robert 2) gra. H. U. 1792, and m. Mary D. of Oakes Angier, Esq., 1795, and had Mary Ann 1796, Susanna 1798, Hector Oakes Angier 1800, Samuel Angier 1802, and Jane.—Mary Ann m. her cousin Boyd of N. Y. 1833.—Jane also m. in the State of N. Y.

   5.   Robert B. (s. of Robert 2) went to Tamworth, N. H. and there m. Abigail Gilman; and had Hannah G., Abigail, Robert, Jane; be d. and his wid. and children returned to E. B.—Hannah G. m. Bezer Hill 1816.—Abigail m. Jonathan Kingman, Jr. Jane m. Bela Hill.—Robert is m. and lives in E. B.


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