6.   Thomas (s. of Hugh 3) went to Needham, and there m. Rachel Bolene, and thence to Shirley and there died; he had Thomas, Rachel, Lucinda, Abigail, Alfred; his wid. m. again.

   7.   John L. (s. of Hugh 3) went to Lynn, and thence to Ashburnham, N. H.; he m. Mary Wright of Brooklyn, N. H. and had William, Eliza, John, Daniel, Mary, Charles, Sarah Ellen, Caroline, and two other Ds.

   8.   Robert (s. of Hugh 3) went to Boston; [m.] Melinda Wilbor of Raynham, and has Melinda and Julianne.

   9.   Hugh (s. of Hugh 3) m. Hannah Shaw, D. of Josiah Keen, and had Thomas*, Sarah Jane, Hannah Freelove; he d. at Canton 1839.

   10.   Dr. Samuel A. (s. of Dr. Hector 4) m. Elizabeth, D. of Thomas Williams, Esq., of Roxbury, and has Elizabeth.

   OSBORNE.—Thomas and Levi Osborne, ss. of George Osborne of Hanson, lived in E. B.—Thomas m. Hannah, D. of James Wade 1784, and had Absolom 1785, Peleg 1787, Mahala 1789, Martin 1791, Hannah 1793, Clarana 1795, Nabby 1798, Lavonia 1802.—Absolom m. Lydia, D. of Azor Howe 1812.—Peleg m. Sally Pond of H. 1812.—Clarana C. m. Josiah Edson 1820.—Levi m. Sophia Harvey 1797.—Deborah m. Asa Hudson 1820.

[Thanks to Suzanne Carpenter for transcribing the Otis family]

   OTIS.—Dr. Isaac Otis (from Scituate, s. of Dr. Isaac, and g. s. of Capt. Stephen, and g. g. s. of John, who came from Barnstable, Devonshire, Eng., b. 1620, and settled at Hingham with his father John 1635) gra. H. U. 1738; m. Mehitable D. of Capt. Jonathan Bass 1746, and settled in E. B. and had Bethiah 1747, Josiah 1749, Isaac and Nabby* 1752, Hannah 1755*, Nabby 1757*, Jacobs 1758, Thomas 1761*, Galen 1763; he d. 1785, æ. 66; she 1800, æ. 72.—Bethia m. John Hudson 1769.—Isaac went to Cumberland, R.I., and had a family, and among them were William and Isaac, who now live in Philadelphia.—Jacobs went to Providence and m. Sarah Smith Barker and had a family, and among them, Sewall, and Jacobs a Physician.—Galen was a Physician, m. Joanna, D. of Dea. David Tilden of Hanson, afterwards of Boston, and removed to Maine, and has a family.

   2.   Dr. Josiah (s. of Isaac 1) m. Susanna, D. of the Hon. Hugh Orr 1772, and had Thomas*, Melville 1778, Nabby 1781, Bass 1784, Clarissa 1786, Welcome 1790; he d. Mar. 25, 1808, æ. 59; she d. Dec. 20, 1836, æ. 84.—Nabby m. Capt. Wm. Vinton 1803, and d. 1816, æ. 34, and he then m. her sister Clarissa 1817.—Bass went to Philadelphia, is a portrait painter, and has a family there.—Welcome not m.

   3.   Melville (s. of Dr. Josiah 2) m. Sophia, D. of Capt. Isaac Whitman 1809, and had Cushing; she d. 1826, æ. 42.—Cushing is also m. and has a family.


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