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[WARNING - Mitchell's account of this family contains many errors. A number of them have been treated by Karle S. Packard, "Errors in Print," in Packard's Progress, 19 [Aug. 1991]:7-8, which is now available online. Unless another source is given the information in the footnotes below is taken from that article.]

   PACKARD.—1.   Samuel Packard and his wife and child came from Windham, near Hingham, in England, in the ship called "The Diligent, of Ipswich, 133 passengers, John Martin, master," and settled in Hingham, here, 1638; he thence came to W. B. and d. a. 1684, the date of his will; he was constable 1664, and licensed to keep an ordinary, or tavern, 1670; he had Elizabeth, Samuel, Zacheus, Thomas, John, Nathaniel, Mary, Hannah, Israel, Jael, Deborah, and Deliverance Note 1 ].   Elizabeth m. Thomas Alger of Easton 1665.—Thomas was here 1673, and Israel was appointed Trooper 1671, and no farther account of them.—Mary m. Richard Phillips of Weymouth.—Hannah m. Thomas Randall Note 1 ].—Jael m. John Smith Note 1 ].—Deborah m. Samuel Washburn.—Deliverance m. Thomas Washburn.—In the early records both at Hingham and Bridgewater the name is written PACKER, and was here formerly invariably pronounced so.   The name on the town Records was also sometimes written Peckar, Pecker, Peckard, and Peckerd, but by the family has been generally written Packard.

   2.   Ensign Samuel (s. of Samuel 1) m. Elizabeth, D. of Mark Lathrop, and had Samuel, Daniel, Joseph, Elizabeth, Mary, Susanna; his estate settled 1698.—Susanna m. John Snell 1715.   Mary m. Amos Snell 1700.

   3.   Zacheus (s. of Samuel 1) m. Sarah, D. of John Howard, and had Israel 1680, Sarah 1682, Jonathan 1684, David 1687, Solomon 1689, James 1691, Zacheus 1693, John 1695, Abiel 1699; he d. 1723.—Sarah m. Capt. Josiah Edson 1704.

   4.   John (s. of Samuel 1) lived at S. B. near the bridge, which which was called, after him, Packard's bridge, 1688, and since called Pope's bridge; his estate was settled 1741 by his son Joseph.—Wid. Packard d. 1761, very aged.

   5.   Nathaniel (s. of Samuel 1) m., probably, a D. of John Kingman Note 2 ], and had Samuel, Zechariah, George, Fearnot, Margaret, Sarah, Lydia, Faithful, Hannah, Deliverance, Elizabeth, Mary, Deborah; his will 1720.—Margaret m. John Washburn 1710.—Lydia m. Jeremy Howell 1718.—Elizabeth m. John Hooper 1722.—Deborah m. Timothy Mitchell.—Sarah m. Thos. Hooper 1722 or Samuel Bliss 1723.—Faithful m. George Vaughn 1719.—Mary m. Jo. Leonard 1721.—Deliverance Packard d. in S. B. 1776.

   6.   Samuel (s. of Samuel 2) m. Elizabeth, D. of Samuel Edson 1705, and had Samuel 1707, Bethiah, Paul 1714, Job 1716; he and she both d. 1716.—Bethiah m. Wright Bartlett 1731.

   7.   Daniel (s. of Samuel 2) m. Mary, D. of Isaac Harris 1713, and had Sarah 1714, Mary 1716, Susanna 1718, Martha 1720, Daniel 1722 Note 3 ], Isaac 1724*, Nehemiah 1727; his will 1732.—Sarah m. Zechariah Shaw 1733.—Mary m. James Allen 1732.—Susanna m. David Orcutt 1734.—Martha m. Jeremiah Conant 1739.

[ Note 1 ]   The order of the children is erroneous and two (Jane and Abigail) are omitted. The marriages given for Hannah and Jael are the second for each woman. Corrections with sources and lines of reasoning are given by Karle S. Packard, "Samuel Packard of Bridgewater, Massachusetts and His Family," in Packard's Progress, 17 [Feb. 1991]:9-12.

[ Note 2 ]   Nathaniel married Lydia Smith (Lucy Hall Greenlaw, "Packard-Smith," in NEHGR, 59 [1905]:107-08), daughter of John Smith of Taunton. The order of their children is confused. Elizabeth did not marry John Hooper and Sarah married Samuel Bliss but not Thomas Hooper. The Hoopers married daughters of John 4, who were omitted by Mitchell.

[ Note 3 ]   This son died young.


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