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[WARNING - Mitchell's account of the earliest Bridgewater generations of this family contains many errors. For a more cogent account see Joseph W. Porter, "An Account of Part of the Family of Abraham Perkins of Hampton, N. H., Who Lived in Plymouth County, Mass." (NEHGR, 50 [1896]:34-40). The corrections in the footnotes below are drawn from that article.]

   PERKINS.—Abraham Perkins was one of the first settlers in Hampton, N.H.   He was made a Freeman May 13, 1640.   He was a man of good education, an excellent penman, and much employed in town business.   He died August 31, 1683, aged about 72.   His widow, Mary, died May 29, 1706, aged 88.   His will of August 22, 1683 was proved September 18, 1683.   In it he names wife and sons Jonathan, Humphrey, James, Luke and David; to the last two he gave five shillings each, "as they have already their share," daughters Abigail and Sarah; granddaughter Mary Fifield, "now dwelling with me," and grandson John (probably son of Luke).   Children perhaps, not in order: Mary, Abraham, Luke, Humphrey, James, Timothy, James, Jonathan, David of Bridgewater Note 1 ], Abigail, Timothy, Sarah, Humphrey.

   1.   David (s. of Abraham above) [ Note 2 ] (from Beverly) settled in S. B. before 1688 Note 1 ]; was the first Representative of the town to the Gen'l Court in Boston after the union of the two colonies in 1692 Note 1 ]; m. Martha, D. of John Howard 1699, and had John 1700, Mary 1702, Martha 1704, Elizabeth 1707, Susanna 1709, David 1711, Jonathan 1714, Abraham 1716, and Sarah; his w. d. 1735; he d. 1736, æ. 83.—Mary m. Gideon Washburn.—Martha m. Dr. Joseph Byram 1724.—Elizabeth m. Solomon Leonard.   Susanna m. Samuel Allen 1733.—Sarah m. Jabez Carver 1742.   Nathan b. before he came here, and Thomas b. here 1688, were his sons by a former wife, probably Note 1 ].   He built the first mill at the place where Lazell, Perkins & Co. have now a large manufacturing establishment, 1694Note 1 ].   He lived on the Boston road, near where the road turns to go to the works.

   2.   Nathan (s. of David 1) Note 3 ] m. Martha, D. perhaps of Solomon Leonard 1709, and had Nathan 1710, Solomon 1712, Timothy 1715, Martha 1717, James 1720, Silence 1723; he d. and the widow m. Isaac Hayward 1728.—Martha m. Samuel Edson 3d 1738.

   3.   Thomas (s. of David 1) Note 4 ] m. Mary, D. perhaps of James Washburn 1717, and had Mary 1718, Hepzibah 1720, Thomas 1722, Ebenezer 1727, Francis 1729; she d. 1750, he 1761.—Mary m. Josiah Hayward 1742, Hepzibah m. Eleazar Carver 1746, and Ebenezer Keith 1759.

   4.   David (s. of David 1) m. Alice, D. of John Leach, 1738, and had David 1739, Zephaniah 1742, John 1746, Robert 1750, Asa 1754.—Zepheniah m. Mary Ford 1766.

   5.   Jonathan (s. of David 1) m. Bethiah, D. of Nath'l Hayward 1738, and settled in E. B., and had Jonathan 1739, Elizabeth 1742, Bethiah 1746; his wife d., and he m. Priscilla Bourne, and had Bourne 1758; the father d. 1796, æ. 82; she 1813, æ. 92.—Jonathan was badly burnt in a forge, and became entirely blind; he probably m. Mary Hamlin 1765.—Elizabeth

[ Note 1 ]   This Bridgewater branch of the Perkins family was established by David Perkins (son of Abraham of Hampton).   He married Elizabeth, daughter of Francis Brown of Beverly, 1675-6.   He sold most of his land in Beverly by 1688; in that year he moved to (South) Bridgewater, buying land from the sons of Solomon Leonard.   In 1694 he built the mill in (South) Bridgewater, situated where the mill of Lazell, Perkins & Company was located in 1840.   He was the first Representative from Bridgewater to the General Court in 1692, 1694, and 1704-1707.   His wife Elizabeth died 1735 æ. 79; he died 1738 æ. 83 (Bridgewater VR 2:536, from their gravestones in the Old Graveyard).   Their children were Mary b. in Beverly, David, Nathan, Abraham bp. in Beverly 1683-4 and Thomas.

[ Note 2 ]   David was the son of David Perkins and Elizabeth Brown and grandson of Abraham of Hampton, born in Beverly.   He married Martha, daughter of John Howard and Susanna Latham, 1698-9 (Bridgewater VR 2:299).   Their children were John 1700, Mary 1702, Martha 1704, Elisabeth 1707, Susannah 1709, David 1711, Jonathan 1713-4, Abraham 1716 (Bridgewater VR 1:251-258).   Mitchell gave them a daughter Sarah but that is questionable.   David (the father) died probably 1737.

[ Note 3 ]   Nathan was the son of David Perkins and Elizabeth Brown and grandson of Abraham of Hampton, bp. in Beverly Sept. 13, 1685.   He married Martha, probably daughter of Solomon Leonard, 1709 (Bridgewater VR 2:291).   Their children were Nathan 1710, Solomon 1712, Timothy 1714-5, Martha 1717, James 1720-1 (Bridgewater VR 1:254-259).   Nathan (the father) died in 1723.   His widow married second Isaac Hayward in 1728 (Bridgewater VR 2:291).

[ Note 4 ]   Thomas was the son of David Perkins and Elizabeth Brown and grandson of Abraham of Hampton, born in 1688 in Bridgewater.   He married Mary, daughter of James Washburn and Mary Bowden, 1716-7 (>Bridgewater VR 2:293).   Their children were Mary 1717-8, Hephzibah 1719-20, Thomas 1722, Charles 1724-5, Ebenezer 1727, Francis 1729 (Bridgewater VR 1:252-59).   Mary (the mother) died 1750 æ. 60, Thomas (the father) died 1761 æ. 73 (Bridgewater VR 2:537-538).


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