278 PERKINS.  

[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Perkins family]

m. Consider Bearce of Halifax 1761.—Bourne d. of the smallpox 1778, æ. 20.

   6.   Abraham (s. of David 1) m. Mary, D. of Eleazar Carver, 1743, and had Abraham 1750, Mary 1752; he d. 1807, æ. 90.—Mary m. Caleb Cary 1778, and d. 1840.

   7.   Nathan (s. of Nathan 2) m. Sarah, wid of Nathan, or D. of Solomon Pratt 1752, and had Phebe 1753, Joanna 1755, Nathan 1758, Lucy 1760, Charles, Deborah.—Deborah m. John Conant 1772.—Perhaps Charles and Deborah were children of a former wife.

   8.   Solomon (s. of Nathan 2) m. Lydia, D. of Jonathan Sprague 1733, and had Joseph and Benjamin 1735, Solomon 1737, Lydia 1741, Eliab 1743.—Joseph m. Martha Hayward 1761.—Benjamin m. Hepzibah Washburn of Mid'o. 1761.—Solomon was in the French war, 1755, under Gen. Winslow, and m. Sarah Edson 1760.—Lydia m. Abner Sears of Mid'o. 1762.

   9.   Timothy (s. of Nathan 2) m. Susanna, D. of Samuel Washburn 1736, and had Nathaniel.—Timothy Perkins m. Zipporah, D. of William Washburn 1753.—Nathaniel m. Mary, D. of Joseph Alger 1775.

   10.   James (s. of Nathan 2) m. Bethiah Dunham 1742, and had Martha 1743, James 1746, Barnabas 1752, Ezra 1756, Seth 1762.—Martha m. John Porter, Jr., 1764.

   11.   Thomas (s. of Thomas 3) m. Mary, D. of Solomon Pratt, 1748, and had William 1748, Mary 1750, Sarah 1752, Enoch 1754, Thomas 1756, Theodore 1758, Deborah 1761, Cyrus 1767; his will and d. 1773; she d. 1778.—William m. Elizabeth, D. of Eleazar Cary 1777, and d. in 1778, and she m. Solomon Snow 1780.—Mary m. Oliver Carver 1774.—Sarah m. Eli Hudson 1776.—Thomas gra. H. U. 1779, and d. young in Kentucky.—Theodore m. Martha, D. of Nathan Conant 1783, and had Thomas 1785.   She afterwards m. Rev. William Conant.—Deborah m. Benjamin Edson 1782.—Cyrus m. Sally Howard 1787, and went to Vt.

   12.   Ebenezer (s. of Thomas 3) m. Experience Holmes 1751, and had Ebenezer 1752, Mary, Holmes 1757, Hepzibah 1759, Susanna 1764, and Nancy; he d. 1770.—Holmes moved away.—Susanna not m.—Nancy m. Rufus Leach 1798.

   13.   Francis (s. of Thomas 3) m. Susanna, D. of Dea. Robert Waterman of Halifax 1762, and had Susanna and Robert; she d. 1770, and he m. Philibert, D. of Ephrain Keith 1775, and had Jacob, Francis, Philibert; he d. 1783.—Susanna m. Enoch Perkins 1783.—Robert d. 1793, æ. 29.—Philibert not m.—Francis m. Polly Leonard 1815, and had Francis and one other son, and both went eastward; he m. a 2d w.

   14.   Charles (s. of Nathan 7) m. Abigail, D. of Perez Waterman 1762, and had Olive, Sene, Charles, Philip, and others per-


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