280 PERKINS.  

[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Perkins family]

then m. Mary Hunt of Watertown 1781; he d. Oct. 16, 1813, æ. 83.—Mary m. Dr. Simeon Dunbar 1804; his 2d w.—Nancy not m.—Richard was a Physician; removed to Whitestown.—Sarah m. a Hughes of Boston, left no children.—John H. m. Vina, D. of Edward Lathrop 1793, was a Physician, had a D. Mary Lathrop 1797, and removed to Whitestown.—Lydia H. m. Samuel Spear 1795, and had a son Samuel who gra. H. U. 1817, and d. at S. Carolina (was drowned) in youth; she d. and he m. her sister Lucy 1798.—Elizabeth m. Rev. Eben. Withington 1797.   William went to Boston, m. Nabby Butler Crane 1799, and had William Forster 1800, Abijah Crane 1802.—Foster d. young.

   23.   Dr. Daniel (s. of Richard 22) m. Bathsheba, D. of Josiah Williams 1783, and had Louisa 1804, Mary, Daniel,   She d. 1836, æ. 73; he 1839, æ. 78.—Mary m. Dr. Noah Whitman 1812.—Daniel went to Charleston, S. C., m. there, and had a family, and returned to Boston, where his w. d. 1839.

   24.   George W. (s. of Dr. Richard 22) m. Anna, D. of Joseph Ames 1802, and had George W. 1803, Mary Ann 1805, Eliza Jane 1807, Richard Foster 1809, Lucy 1812, Joseph Ames 1814.   He returned to Augusta, Me.

   25.   Mark Perkins came from Ipswich 1741, and settled in N. B.; his wife was a Whipple (probably Dorothy); he had Josiah, Jonathan, Isaac, Jesse, Dorothy, Sarah, Jemima, Martha, Mary; he d. 1756, æ. 58.—Dorothy m. Jacob Packard 1742.—Sarah m. Ebenezer Packard 1746.—Jemima m. Levi Keith 1759.—Martha m. Nathan Packard.—Mary m. Simeon Packard 1761.—Dorothy Perkins, the wid. perhaps, m. Solomon Packard 1760.

   26.   Josiah (s. of Mark 25) m. Abigail, D. of Benjamin Edson, 1755, and had Mehitabel 1756, Abigail 1758, Mark 1760, Josiah 1762, Sarah 1766, Benjamin 1768, Silvia 1760, Jacob, Shepard; he d. 1798, æ. 73.—Mehitabel m. Daniel Ames 1780.—Abigail m. Benjamin Hayward 1777.—Benjamin m. Hannah, D. of Jeremiah Washburn 1789, and went to Me.—Jacob went to Springfield.

   27.   Jonathan (s. of Mark 25) m. Abigail, D. of Jonathan Packard 1752, and had Abigail 1757, Jonathan 1758, Ruby 1761, George 1763, Daniel, Susanna, Parna; he d. 1802, æ. 74.   Abigail m. Jonathan Cary 1784.—Ruby m. Alpheus Cary 1786.   George went to Canada.—Susanna m. Robert Howard 1788.—Jonathan m. Abigail, D. of John Howard 1785, and had a son Moses Hudson 1791.

   28.   Isaac (s. of Mark 25) m. Joanna, D. of Benjamin Edson 1754, and settled in Titicut, and had Abraham 1755, Isaac 1757, Joanna 1761, Jacob 1763.—Jacob m. Abigail Leonard of Mid'o. 1788.

   29.   Capt. Jesse (s. of Mark 25) m. Susanna, D. of Dr. Daniel Field 1769, and had Zadock 1771, Rachel 1776; his w. d., and


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