[Thanks to Betty White for transcribing the Perkins family]

he m. Bliss, D. of Pelatiah Phinney 1789, and had Jesse 1791; he m. Sally Silvester 1808 for his 3d w.—Rachel m. Shepard Perkins 1797.

   30.   Mark (s. of Josiah 26) m. Tabatha, D. of Jeremiah Washburn 1784, and had Charity 1785, Phebe 1788, Susanna and Sibil 1791.—Sally 1796.   Charity m. Capt. Asa Jones 1806.—Phebe m. David Macomber of Easton 1805.—Sibil m. Josiah Dunbar 1807.   Susanna m. David Packard 1810.—Sally m. Waldo Field 1820.

   31.   Josiah (s. of Josiah 26) m. Anna, D. of Jonas Reynolds, 1790, and had Jonas 1790, Nahum 1792, Mehitabel 1795; Jonas gra. B. U. 1813, m. Rhoda, D. of Simeon Keith 1815, and settled in the ministry at Braintree.—Nahum m. Vesta, D. of Caleb Copeland 1820.—Mehitabel m. Charles Keith 1817.

   32.   Shepard (s. of Josiah 26) m. Rachel, D. of Capt. Jesse Perkins 1797, and had Azel, Josiah, Zadock, and Susanna.

   33.   Zadock (s. of Capt. Jesse 29) m. Hannah, D. of Abiah Packard 1796, and had Anselm 1797, Sidney 1799; he d., and the widow m. William Edson 1812.—Anselm m. Dorothy, D. of Samuel Battles 1819.—Sidney m. a Capen.

   34.   Jesse, Esq., (s. of Capt. Jesse 29) m. Elizabeth, D. of Rev. Thomas Crafts 1816, and had Caroline Bliss, Thomas Crafts, Mary Porter, Frederick and Elizabeth.

   35.   Luke (nephew of Mark 25) came from Ipswich, settled in N. B., m. Rebecca, D. of James Packard 1749, and had Anne 1750, Jemima 1753, Mary 1754, James 1757, Luke, Keziah, Susanna, Martha, Phebe; he d. 1776, æ. 51.—Anne m. Jonas Reynolds.—Jemima m. Joseph Reynolds 1772.—Mary m. Capt. William French.—James m. Betsy, D. of Josiah Packard, and went to Minot, Me.—Luke m. Mary, D. of Nathan Snell, perhaps 1797, and went to Winthrop, Me.—Keziah m. Matthew Packard 1781.—Susanna m. Simeon Brett 1777.—Martha m. Gideon Lincoln 1781.—Phebe m. Asaph Howard, Esq., 1789, and went to Minot.—James m. Rebecca Packard 1783 [delete this marriage (424)].

   Betty m. Benanuel Leach 1741.—Lydia m. James Keith 1744.   Phebe m. James Thurston 1749.—Mary m. Joseph Warren 1756.   Rebecca m. Jona. Washburn 1757.—Anne m. Reuben Packard 1759.—Hannah m. Daniel Packard 1765.—Betty m. Samuel Snow 1775.—Rebecca m. Josiah Packard, Jr., 1782.—Sally m. Capt. Robt. Packard 1788.—Martha m. Thos. Packard 1789.—Olive m. Benjamin Pratt 1789.—James m. Rebecca Packard 1783.—Nathaniel, Jr., m. Hannah Hayward 1794.—Polly m. Dean Howard of E. 1800.—Naomi m. Alfred Johnson 1801.—Jesse m. Sally Silvester 1808.—Asa m. Huldah Hayward 1815.   Susanna m. Otis Alger 1817.—Wid. Hannah m. John Snow 1821.—Dan Shaw m. a Perkins of M.

   PERRY.—Dr. Nathan Perry (s. of Nathan of Norton) m. a Clapp, and settled in N. B., and has William, Julia and Sophia,


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