Kingman 1771.—Benjamin of E. m. Molly Howard 1773.—Benjamin m. Mary, D. of Henry Kingman 1747.—Daniel of E. was a magistrate.—Daniel and Esther, of A., had Joseph 1719, Benjamin 1720, Joanna 1722, Sarah 1725, who m. Joseph Bates 1746; he d. 1726; she 1735.—Obadiah and Martha, of A., had Daniel 1732, Joanna 1736, Samuel 1739; he d. 1743.—John d. 1742; his wid. Priscilla d. 1772, æ. 88; both at A.

   PHILLIPS.—Thomas Phillips (from Marshfield) settled in E. B., and was probably son of Benjamin, who was s. of John, whose father John was at Marshfield 1638.   Thomas m. the wid. of John Sherman, D. of Mark Eames and g. D. of Anthony Eames of Marshfield.—Sherman lived in Rochester, and left one son, Anthony Sherman, who came to E. B.—Phillips came to E. B. about 1735, and had Abiah, Thomas, Lydia, Mark 1736, Deborah 1739; his w. d. and he m. Hannah, wid. of Micah Allen, and D. of Timothy or Joseph Edson 1747; she d. 1768; he d. before 1767.—Lydia m. Zebulun Cary 1749.—Abiah m. Benjamin Taylor 1761, and d. in 1800 æ. 70.—Taylor d. 1776, æ. 80.   It is said one D., perhaps Deborah, m. a Wade.   [See William 8.]   John, father of Benj., was killed by lightning at Marshfield 1656.

   2.   Thomas (s. of Thomas 1) m. Mary, D. of David Hatch, 1755, and had John 1756, Mary 1758, Thomas 1760, Joseph, Turner, David; he d. at Spectacle Island, in the harbor of Boston, of the small-pox, 1781.—Mary m. Joseph Whitman 1780.—Joseph went to New York, and was father of Willard Phillips, Esq., of Boston, Judge of Probate, &c.—David also went to N. York.—Wid. Mary Phillips d. 1811, æ. 77.

   3.   Mark (s. of Thomas 1) m. Mercy, D. of Blaney Phillips of Hanson 1762, and had Chloe 1764, Mark 1768, Molly 1770, Susanna 1772, Wadsworth 1774, Nabby 1777; d. single 1807; Barzillai 1779, Lucy 1783, Mercy 1787; d. single 1831; he d. 1811, æ. 75; she 1816, æ. 71.—Chloe m. Isaiah Whitman 1784.   Molly m. Barza Kingman 1791.—Susanna m. Jacob Lowden 1794.—Lucy m. Smardus Snell 1807.—Wadsworth and Barzillai went westward.

   4.   John (s. of Thomas 2) was serjeant in Gen. Washington's life guard during the Revolutionary war, and m. Jennet, D. of John Young 1784, and had George Y. 1788, Jennet 1790, Marquis La Fayette 1792, Eunice Bass 1797, Robert 1802; his w. d. 1823, æ. 57.—George Y. m. Bethiah, wid. of Asa Mitchell and D. of Joseph Lazell 1812, and had Abigail Ames 1813, and Asa Mitchell 1815, and the family all removed to Poughkepsie, N. Y.

   5.   Thomas (s. of Thomas 2) m. Martha, D. of Capt. Simeon Whitman 1783, and had Thomas and Joanna Whitman; he d. 1809, æ. 49.—Thomas went to Natick.—Joanna m. John Corthrell of Abington 1811.


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